# This file is used to specify the mountpoints for iso images. You need # to create the mountpoint, update this file, and then run /opt/SUNWjet/bin/ # share_isos. This will lofimount all isos listed here. You will then # need to run add_solaris_location for each image as normal. # You should run the share_isos command everytime the JET server is # rebooted. /backup/Solimages/s10sparc_0508.iso /export/install/iso/Solaris_10_0508s /backup/Solimages/s10x86_0508.iso /export/install/iso/Solaris_10_0508x /backup/Solimages/solarisdvdb90x.iso /export/install/iso/Solaris_11_b90x /backup/Solimages/solarisdvdb90s.iso /export/install/iso/Solaris_11_b90s