R.I.P Ligesh KT - part 1

A friend took his life. 32 year old Ligesh KT, originally from Kannur in Kerala and based in bangalore. He owned a software company called Lxlabs.

Deccan Herald
Time of india
Express Buzz
The Hindu

What prompted this blog entry is the load of freakin bullshit that has come packed in along with the various news reports.

They can't get his age right. It's 24, 32, and so on. He is reported as an 'anti christ'. Some news reports claim he was drinking the night before. One even goes as far as to mention that his depression was caused by the recent death of google mentor Rajiv Motvani. Others talk about the suicides of his mother and sister 5 years back.

The news seems to have created quite an uproar because:

1. Lxlab's products (HyperVM, Kloxo) are used by many
2. Ligesh was the founder, driving force, and for all practical purposes for most of the time, the single technology/engineering resource at Lxlabs. (Yes, he was a genius)

Going around the net, i see so many threads in so many forums discussing the incident, the consequences, the future, and plain old stupid pointless gossip. There are, apparently, people out there who doubt if the news is true or the incident was real.

So to whomsoever it may concern.

The news is true, incident is real. I was there at the cremation with a few friends.

I've known him for 15 years. He was my classmate at REC calicut (now NIT calicut) from 1995 to 1999. He was probably my best friend back then and is easily the most intelligent, as well as eccentric, person i've ever met by a very long margin.

He loved computers, programming, heavy metal, philosophy, never touched booze smoke or drugs, and was, once upon a time, a diehard vegetarian who used to survive for days on nothing but fruit juice. Depending on how well you knew him he came across as either an arrogant person with a penchant for verbal encounters or a sensitive hyper-intelligent guy with a slight aggression problem that originated from a rather heavy, but honest, ego.

If you have ever felt like having let somebody down and at the same time know for a fact that there was nothing you could have done or not done, then you probably understand how i feel right now.

I can go on and on. Let me stop for now. More later.

RIP old friend.


I do not know Ligesh personally, but I've done a small project for him couple of year ago. I've been very upset after hearing the news of his death. Was his body cremated in Bangalore itself or was it in his home place at Kannur?

Posted by Arun on qershor 10, 2009 at 09:55 MD PDT #

ur post clears all rumours and summarizes what ligesh was. i cannot agree more with the statement "yes, he was a genius" ... even his statements on christ, god and everything else, though it sounds too much, was based on clear logic

did u also see the threads talking abt the attack on HyperVM causing web servers to crash all over the world? there were people even suggesting that ligesh did it himself

Posted by sandeep on qershor 14, 2009 at 03:45 MD PDT #

Hey Mate...

Thanks I totally concur with your last few lines. I have been his friend, neighbor & schoolmate from the time we were 10 year old. It kills me within that for the last 3 years I have not been in contact with him and our lives took different directions. And then this... I so wish I was there for him as I was there when his sister left us. RIP Ligesh....the only one real life Genius I have ever known :(.

Posted by Jagdish Nair on qershor 15, 2009 at 03:55 PD PDT #

Can't believe it. Ligesh was my classmate at REC Calicut and was the best friend of my first-year roommate Sripad (production engg .. also from Kannur). Its really surreal. Though I did't interact with Ligesh a lot, he was a good and well-liked guy albeit with a bent for being unpredictable. R.I.P old-friend.


Posted by Himanshu Singh on qershor 08, 2010 at 03:21 MD PDT #

Hey Himanshu, long time...hope you are doing well!

Posted by Suresh on qershor 08, 2010 at 03:27 MD PDT #

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