R.I.P Ligesh KT - part 2

Part 1

So the following is in continuation to the above.

There was a period of time, while we were in bangalore, that we all rarely met but frequently communicated through email. I can't help listing a collection of his famous quotes.

"Religion is evil."

"Questioning God is the beginning of compassion."

"It is clearly evident that -ALL- Criminals believe in GOD"

"When you pray to God, you pray with Hitler."

"Belief in God is not just a measure of man's STUPIDITY, it is in fact a measure of man's evil too."

"Altruism is NOT possible. There are real circuits in the brain preventing it"

"What distinguishes Mother Theresa from others is not love but intelligence. -ONLY- an intelligent person can be good"

"There is no fucking special case"

"I am arguing that Tyranny is a huge risk, that no rational man will undertake it"

"Atheism is the tougher way of life.... A man never chooses the tougher way instinctively."

"You see, explicit selfishness is a step forward."

"I recognize everyone's right to be selfish. My own selfishness is an incidental - and even inadvertant - side effect of this."

"My statement is that Selfishness is actually the first step to being selfless."

"People are utterly stupid, but worst thing is that they are not aware of it."

"I need a fucking confirmation/rejection with reason."

"Love.. an attempt by the human animal to find the best mate as possible, to beget the best children possible."

"I am sometimes a tad apprehensive about my height increase, which if not accompanied by a comensurate increase in brain size, can reduce my intelligence."

"I don't think anybody really has a cool life in this planet. The inputs are all there. So the problem must be in analysis of the inputs."

"you are a free lance thinker. But im not."

"to learn a new technology while making money is what good life is all about."

"The worst way you can spend your time is by talking to fools."

"Dammit, I can only give you the road, I am bloody not going to CARRY you fucking idiots along."

"the expertise that we see in others is mostly our own ignorance of the subject."

"even a stupid person can be predicted by using evolutionary principles."

"The one sure fire way to fail is to feel bad about profiting from the follies of others."

"Humanity is saved from their follies not by dint of their intelligence, but by a wretched lack of courage and passion. Were it not for the irrational fear that overwhelms and restrains us, life would be a perpetual disaster. So let us all be thankful for that irrational fear.... It is dumb and senseless, but it makes our life possible..."

"English is my fucking life."

"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

"Death before marriage, but neither before breakfast is my fucking motto."

"banging your head on the wall will help you to remember it in a more palpable manner, but it is strictly not necessary to do it to know of its deleterious effects."

"Wise men learn from the mistakes of others... Life is too short to commit all the idiocies and learn from it."

Ok so that's about it. Like you, i agree with some, do not agree with some, find some weird, blah blah. Those were his opinions and you got yours. End of story, have fun and a good day.


right or wrong, those are very powerful and profound statements. am glad that i visited ur blog after a while

Posted by sandeep on qershor 14, 2009 at 03:41 MD PDT #

i knew Ligesh only as an acquaintance of a very close friend (we were in CREC at the time too). so essentially, i never really knew him except that he was exceptionally brilliant and that perhaps was a disturbed soul. in spite of that, i was really shocked and for some reason a lot sadder than i would have been hearing about a stranger taking his life. i wish he were living - he certainly sounds like a person the world would have been better off having for a long time and vice versa. and i wish he had realised that. RIP, Ligesh- hope to meet you in another life.

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Thanks for this post (both installments).

Posted by shejuan on korrik 07, 2009 at 03:17 MD PDT #

a person the world would have been better off having for a long time and vice versa. and i wish he had realised that.

Posted by Abercrombie on gusht 28, 2010 at 12:17 PD PDT #

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