e shtunë Shk 09, 2013

Love Never Dies

VR46 back with his M1.

e diel Sht 30, 2012

Riding in India - part 2

Yup, it's part 2. My friend is back and this time it's a Duke.

e hënë Dhj 05, 2011

Riding in India

Here's a friend moving through Bangalore traffic on his Yamaha R15. If you're new to India and plan to do your own riding or driving, use this as a tutorial...or maybe don't!

e enjte Qer 23, 2011


It's the Assen round of the 2011 motogp season, and Ducati have launched their GP11.1.

The Ducati's front end woes were quite efficiently highlighted throughout the 2010 season, with both Casey and Nicky regularly visiting the gravel traps. Now the question is: was it really a front end issue.

What's most probable is: the GP10 never had a front end issue. It was the rear that was out.

So what did Stoner's team do? They came with setup changes that sorted out the rear end, while transferring the problem to the front. And Casey has this brilliant ability to push beyond the limits of a vague and erratic front end...and naturally the real problem lay hidden.

Like Kevin Cameron said: in human nature, our strengths are our weaknesses. Casey's pure speed came at a lack of fine machinery feel, which ultimately took the Ducati in a wrong development direction.

e premte Mar 18, 2011

Old is Slow, Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

I'm beginning to develop a violent hatred towards those geeks at Bologna who doesn't seem to have a clue about the common sense, or patience, or wisdom, or art, or science, or any bloody thing involved with developing a fast, well rounded, well behaved motorcycle that does what it is asked to do.

Just check the free practices from Qatar and you'll know what I'm talking about. You let a bunch of unrealistic, antisocial nerd engineers run enough computer simulations and let them churn out stuff like carbon fibre frames and soon you end up with - you guessed it - the Ducati GP11.

One hell of a pig of a bike. Screw you morons. What about renaming the "GP" series to "CW" for "Career Wrecker". Or something similar.

Please lose your jobs. Go get a life,

Now what's with that caption? That's pretty much the only twisted hope left for the rest of this season.

e hënë Qer 15, 2009

Motogp Catalunya 2009 - Por Fuera

The doctor going round the outside of "Por Fuera"

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e enjte Qer 11, 2009

R.I.P Ligesh KT - part 2

Part 1

So the following is in continuation to the above.

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e mërkurë Qer 10, 2009

R.I.P Ligesh KT - part 1

A friend took his life. 32 year old Ligesh KT, originally from Kannur in Kerala and based in bangalore. He owned a software company...

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e enjte Nën 22, 2007

NCA and Proxy 4.0

So what's NCA? NCA is Sun's Network Cache Accelerator, which is an in-kernel web accelerator. If anyone out there is...

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e mërkurë Nën 21, 2007

Lines @ Kari

Recently Killa put up a very nice pic for the racing lines at the Kari track...

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e enjte Sht 27, 2007

12 step program for racers.

Neat stuff that a guy posted at RDD:

12 step program for racers:

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e enjte Qer 28, 2007

Terrible Tony

Falls and breaks his leg. Great. Awesome. That maniac bastard has screwed so many riders' happiness with that devilish reckless style of his. At least the rest can race in peace for the next few rounds.

Elias down

Lie around with leg in traction, shithead

e martë Maj 15, 2007

Motogp 2007

From a Yamaha/Rossi fan's point of view, watching this year's Motogp has been a painful affair...so far.

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e mërkurë Maj 09, 2007

Garbage Collection in Proxy 4.0

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the exact process / logic of Garbage Collection in Proxy 4.0. People who rely on cachegc seem to be particularly affected by this...

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e mërkurë Pri 11, 2007

Do or Die...

...For the YZR M1

This is a...

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