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Why Tomorrow's ERP Stands for Earn, Rest and Play

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By Angela Mazza Teufer, Senior Vice President ERP, EPM, SCM Western Europe, Oracle

When we’re young, we have very different notions of what makes us "super" people. We want to be Iron Man with his suit, Captain America with his shield or Wonder Woman her bracelets of submission. But as we become adults and come to grips with reality, our definition of what it takes to be "super" is completely different.   

In fact, in business, we use "super" to describe leaders who are finding the right balance between work and life. Modern superheroes lauded in the media are those who are successful in their field while also making enough time for family and hobbies outside of work. Maybe that’s getting home in time to put the kids to bed, finding time to train for a marathon, or just putting in the hours to learn how to play an instrument.

We’re in awe of these individuals not because of a tremendous feat of strength or heroic act, but because achieving a perfect work/life balance is one of the hardest things to do as an adult.

This is where ERP cloud applications are delivering the power needed to be "super." ERP might stand for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, but let’s make it stand for “Earn, Rest and Play”—helping business decision makers find the right work/life balance and prove their true worth as modern superheroes.

ERP, when bringing automation to the equation, can speed up manual tasks as well as eliminating time-consuming and costly upgrades. Focus can instead be dedicated to more strategic elements of the job. Recent Accenture research showed that finance staff spend an average of 60 to 70 percent of their time on tasks such as processing transactions, accounting, controlling, compliance and reporting; that’s a lot more time back in their day. We’re already seeing a couple of CFOs splitting their time more evenly between Earning, Resting and Playing, thanks to ERP:

  • Umair Junaid, CFO at Access Power, was spending a lot of time manually pulling together the financial reports coming in from the company’s operations across many different countries. It was a time-heavy process given each region has its own regulations and accounting practices. Automating the process with an ERP cloud means he has a better handle on reports from across the regions and can use them to facilitate the organisation’s growth plans, but without needing to put in more hours at work. 
  • Christophe Eouzan, Chief Accounting Officer at Orange, needed a way to free up both his and the wider corporate finance team’s time so they could focus on higher-level work that would be more valuable in supporting a company-wide transformation initiative. With an ERP cloud taking care of time-consuming, non-strategic tasks like requisitions, purchase orders, and vendor invoices, Orange has been able to free up finance back-office personnel. Now Eouzan can focus on more important, value-added tasks, such as forecasting, supplier transaction transparency and building a digital working environment.

With businesses more reliant on data, CFOs need to be more than number-crunchers if they’re to maximise their earning potential and add value in the right places. Our market-leading ERP helps them achieve this, making them more productive and successful at work, while freeing up the time to "do it all"—dedicating attention to family, friends, hobbies, and their general well-being. That’s why ERP with automation capabilities is the real power helping business people become our modern day superheroes.

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