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Why Constellation Research Confirms Oracle Is an ERP Market Leader

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By Roxana Gonzalez Ruiz, Product Marketing Manager, Cloud ERP, Oracle

Constellation Research, a leading technology advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, recently confirmed Oracle’s leadership of the cloud ERP market in a new report, Oracle Cloud ERP Builds on Analytics, Automation, and AI Lead.

According to Constellation, “Improvements in automation and machine learning place [Oracle] in the lead for stand-alone or integrated financial solutions.” Constellation also notes that vendors like Oracle are doubling down on reinvestment in the next generation of cloud ERP systems. At the same time, companies recognize that the customization that gave them a competitive edge in their legacy on-premises ERP is now an IT debt holding them back. This is the dawn of a new ERP renaissance.

Continuous change requires continuous innovation

According to Constellation Research, “Technology leaders in charge of legacy on-premises ERP systems face massive challenges to balance technical debt and short-term business requirements.” To take advantage of new opportunities, it's become increasingly clear that on-premises ERP systems cannot meet the demands of today’s marketplace. They served businesses well for more than two decades, but now they make it difficult to quickly adapt business models; they require too many resources; and they can’t provide the timely data you need to make impactful decisions.

Constellation Research highlights trends that are driving a new wave of ERP replacement projects, including:

  • Digital monetization models
  • Collapsing value chains
  • Autonomous enterprises and AI

If ERP replacement isn’t already on your roadmap, now is a good time to consider whether your on-premises systems are up to the task of thriving in a business environment that’s dramatically different to 20 years ago. Tomorrow’s leaders—in every segment—are those most capable of adapting. Even the best business strategies are hampered if your systems are not seamlessly integrated and agile.

Defining your future

As companies around the world emerge from the challenges of the past year, most have noticed or been impacted by the trends that Constellation Research highlights. Maybe you’ve decided to embark on an ERP replacement project—but where do you start? Well, there are some key considerations as you plan your future. You definitely want to select an ERP vendor who is a leader in the marketplace and trusted by customers, partners, and analysts.

Why choose Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP as the business platform for your next chapter? We’re happy to share our opinion, but don’t just take our word for it. According to Constellation Research, Oracle Cloud ERP provides:

  • Global and international finance capabilities
  • Embedded AI infrastructure for intelligent automation
  • Contextually relevant user experiences, powered by AI
  • Proven planning and budgeting capabilities
  • Rich industry capabilities and adoption across verticals
  • One common data model
  • Deployment choice
  • Transparent pricing

After speaking with over 200 Oracle Cloud ERP customers and partners, and 200 large enterprise ERP prospects, Constellation Research recommends that Oracle Cloud ERP is a good fit for:

  • New prospects that seek the best functionality and value ratio
  • Forward-thinking buyers seeking a future of autonomous and self-driving applications
  • SAP customers seeking change and modernization in the cloud
  • Workday prospects seeking greater end-to-end finance functionality

At Oracle, we have a strong focus on adding AI-powered features into our ERP applications to help you better manage your company finances. You can see this at play in some of the latest innovations, including:

  • Automation and reconciliation capabilities for cash management
  • Improvements in virtual assistants for expenses
  • New features for payables and receivables

With Oracle Cloud ERP, innovation is constant. Every 90 days, we deliver the latest technologies, so you never have to worry if your ERP is keeping pace. You can always find the latest innovations here.

So, whether you’re considering a shift to pure cloud, or surrounding on-premises systems with cloud innovation, you can be confident that Oracle Cloud ERP will improve and automate your back-office processes and offer your business a new level of innovation. 

Download your complimentary copy of the Constellation Research report.

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