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When is an EPM Cloud Suite Like a Sports Car?

Toby Hatch
Senior Product Marketing Director for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

It makes sense that when you buy an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud suite, it comes with everything you need. Complete, connected and completely agile. When you buy a car, you don’t purchase parts and do the assembly yourself. That approach is fine for vintage car enthusiasts, but who wants vintage software? You buy the latest model, including all the parts that are designed to work together, with all the features you will need. Get in it, and drive.

Oracle EPM Cloud is like that car. It includes financial and operational planning, consolidation and close, reporting and analysis — all together in a single suite. Each best-in-class process in Oracle EPM Cloud is designed to work together. And, as a suite, you can deploy in modular fashion and choose to use or not use each process as needed.

By contrast, if you purchase point solutions from different vendors, you will need to integrate them — and they often require extensive customizations that are costly and difficult to maintain. This takes time, energy and money away from moving your company strategy forward. Don’t build the car piecemeal by yourself, get in a complete and connected performance vehicle and drive!

Just as you need to properly maintain a sports car, Oracle is a partner with a clear commitment and investment in the latest advanced technologies (AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT and more) to help you stay ahead and be future-ready. We spend $6B+ annually on R&D, far more than most of our competitors. And, as a customer, you can sign up for our vibrant EPM Cloud Customer Connect community of 36,000+ professionals who share ideas and insight.

Oracle's Hari Sankar talks about EPM Cloud as a suite, how it benefits customers, and what we’re doing to make it even easier to use EPM Cloud.

Take Oracle EPM Cloud out for a test drive today – feel the power, performance and agility that you need to handle the opportunities and threats pushed your way from the rapidly changing business climate.

Learn more about our completely agile EPM Cloud suite.

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