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Cyber Threats in Higher Education: Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

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By Anke Mogannam, Senior Director, Student Cloud Product Marketing, Oracle

Higher education is under assault in more ways than one. Institutions struggle as low graduation rates skyrocket. Whether it be the increasing burden of student debt, funding challenges, or the recent alert from the Department of Education (DOE) regarding the exploitation of a system vulnerability hitting dozens of universities, higher education has a lot to do.

The DOE states that 62 colleges or universities have been affected. The DOE memo cites, “Criminal elements have been actively scanning the internet looking for institutions to victimize through this vulnerability and developing lists of institutions for targeting with this exploitation. Victimized institutions have indicated that the attackers exploit the vulnerability and then leverage scripts in the admissions or enrollment section of the affected system to create multiple student accounts.”

Digital security threats seem to be increasing in complexity and severity.  As a result, CFOs and university business officers are looking not only to provide an exceptional educational experience to improve student outcomes, but also are striving for ways to keep student information safe.

In fact, Mark Sunday, CIO and SVP at Oracle, urges security is everyone’s responsibility, beginning at the highest level of every organization. Just as security is a board level priority for public companies, it also needs to be top of mind for the governing bodies of higher education institutions. While security begins at the top, it is also the responsibility of the faculty, administration, staff, suppliers as well as the students themselves. Higher education institutions should consider using a proactive, multi-layer security approach that is built into the software.  And they should have processes in place to support the security of student, faculty, staff and institutional data. According to Sunday, “As a global cloud software provider, we at Oracle understand that we must build security into every line of software code and secure configurations to reduce risk and improve data security.” 

Watch this video to learn more about how your institution can reduce risk and find out what Oracle CIO Mark Sunday has to say about managing digital security threats.

Oracle is committed to higher education and has many decades in secure data management. Our commitment is to help institutions further their success in this time of instability and constant change.

Learn how other institutions are going through a digital transformation to increase operational efficiency for the entire institution and manage the student life-cycle with a natively built cloud solution. Visit oracle.com/higher-education and oracle.com/security.

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