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2018 Trends in Strategic Procurement

By Cara Vollmer, Senior Content Strategist, Oracle Today's enterprises have taken steps to streamline procurement—but have work to do to optimize their entire...


3 Questions to Ask About Procurement in the Cloud

By Angela Wilson, CSS International There are very different business requirements between how large enterprises and small-to medium businesses (SMBs) source...

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What Can You Do with Blockchain? Here Are 4 Ideas to Consider

By David Haimes, Sr. Director of ERP Development, Oracle By now you’ve probably heard at least one description of what blockchain is, and that description...

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34 Ways Your Finance and HR Clouds Need to Connect

By Steve Cox, Group Vice President, ERP and EPM Product Marketing, Oracle Did you know that 35 percent of companies plan to create a shared finance and HR...


How (and Why) You Should Get Strategic with Procurement

When was the last time you gave any thought to procurement? Many professionals—even in finance—often confuse procurement with the tactical activity of...


Strategic Procurement and Its Impact on the Supply Chain

By Larry Simcox, Senior Director, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Is your procurement process just about sourcing back office supplies and materials? Or is...


3 Reasons I’m Excited to Attend Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience

Show of hands: How many of you are excited about your supply chain? It might sound like a dull topic to finance professionals. But the truth is, some of the...


How to Win Big in Higher Education with Procurement

By Becky Alvarez and Linda Wong, Product Strategy Directors, Oracle When we talk about competition at the college level, we’re usually talking about sports or...

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Doing the Right Things: How Higher Education Institutions are Living Smarter on a Tight Budget

by David Ebert, Director of Higher Education, Oracle Attracting new students often depends on how well colleges and universities can innovate. Should you invest...


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