Why your business needs modern cloud applications more than ever

March 27, 2024 | 4 minute read
Yaldah Hakim Rashid
Director, Cloud Applications Product Marketing
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Designed for Change. Built for You. A business manager's guide to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

Recent events have reminded us of a basic truth: the world never stops changing. Economic and social disruptions – often arriving unexpectedly – can suddenly force you to rethink every aspect of your business. Your customers are another source of change, asking you to meet their fast-evolving needs with newer products, better prices, and more timely and effective customer service.

But change also can uncover profitable opportunities, offering outsized gains for businesses that can harness technology to capture new markets, launch innovative products, and introduce operational efficiencies that improve the bottom line.

Designed for change

Amid this volatility, businesses are looking for enterprise systems and tools that provide maximum flexibility, resilience, and security. Modern cloud SaaS applications are tailor-made for the job with composable, modular architectures designed to tackle continuous change and create a secure and resilient foundation for future growth.

Connecting your cloud applications and data on a single platform, as part of an integrated suite, can help you get more out of your SaaS solution. It allows you to bring consistent processes and a single source of truth across key business functions such as enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, human capital management, and customer experience. You can say goodbye to siloed HR and finance systems and mismatched data that can hamstring your business. Other synergies include having your front office and back office applications share the same data and benefit from faster response times, better forecasting and more accurate analysis.  Other examples can include: booking to revenue or service requests to costs on the back end. Deep integration across a complete suite of applications means you don’t have to deal with multiple software providers and the costly headaches that come with building and maintaining integrations.

The Power of AI

The explosion in artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the business landscape yet again, helping to boost worker productivity and transform industries worldwide. To unlock its power, generative AI capabilities are increasingly being woven into the fabric of SaaS applications, giving businesses a versatile new tool to accelerate automation and innovation and ultimately deliver better business outcomes.

For example, by embedding AI-assisted tools into the applications – a standard feature of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications – users can get instant machine-generated suggestions and summaries that vastly reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, helping improve customer and employee experience, and enable smarter, faster decision making. Users simply push an “AI Assist” button to unlock content and insights from the platform’s large language model while remaining in control of the output with the ability to review, edit, or ignore it as they see fit.

Oracle generative AI, embedded in Fusion, is designed to give users control on how these outputs are used in their business. Fusion Cloud Applications customers can instantly access AI outcomes wherever they are needed—without leaving the software environment they use every day to power their business. With AI built natively into the applications, actionable insights, timely predictions, and time-saving automation are surfaced seamlessly in the flow of work. No cumbersome implementation or data scientist experience is needed.

Best infrastructure

Oracle Fusion Applications are powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which gives you everything you need to build new applications and extend your existing ones. The infrastructure is based on open standards, so you can connect your operations without the need for expensive-to-maintain interfaces, and you can easily integrate with third-party and custom applications.

Security is built into this next-generation infrastructure, which uses an isolated design to improve data protection, scalability, and performance. As part of a global ecosystem, the application suite can also connect securely to other systems and multi-cloud environments. Visibility across the entire cloud infrastructure – and throughout your business – is provided through a single administrative interface. This makes it easy to keep up with business change by providing a holistic view of the enterprise.

Built for you

Business applications don’t have to be boring. If designed right, they can provide a seamless and even enjoyable user experience that matches the best consumer shopping and travel apps. The Oracle Application Platform and Redwood Design System empower software developers to deliver that experience with a thoughtful set of prefabricated components, templates, and patterns, helping them create sophisticated and polished user interactions that are also upgrade safe.

Today, businesses are using the Redwood Design System and Oracle Applications Platform to quickly address changing customer demands. The same building blocks can be used to extend your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications or add your own features without expensive coding. Plus, you can continue to enhance user experience and productivity as the embedded AI capability learns from people’s unique way of working.

Innovation that matters

When your business fails to innovate, you risk falling behind the competition while missing out on new revenue opportunities. Compared to on-premises systems, modern cloud software keeps you ahead of the curve by delivering automatic updates, so you can incorporate the latest features right away – or at your own pace – and respond to market shifts faster while spending less time maintaining your IT systems.

Continuous innovation is built into Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications with a consistent and modern user experience that makes it easy for people to complete their tasks, with more than 80% of the innovations based on customer feedback. Embedding AI into the SaaS applications helps accelerate innovation even more, enabling new business capabilities that weren’t possible before.

To learn more about Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and how they can help your business spark growth and plan for the future, click here to read the eBook.

Yaldah Hakim Rashid

Director, Cloud Applications Product Marketing

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