Why you should join the largest cloud ERP community

June 13, 2022 | 4 minute read
Peter Russo
Vice President, Head of ERP Product Marketing, Oracle
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Our large community of more than 9,000 Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP customers and 31,000 Oracle NetSuite customers trust Oracle to run their mission-critical business functions.

With over 9,000 enterprises running their businesses on Oracle Cloud ERP (over $113 trillion in corporate revenues managed!), there’s no question about Oracle’s leadership and scale in this next age of ERP. In fact, accordingly to the most recent data available as of June 13, 2022, this community is over 3 times larger than our two closest competitors.

Largest SaaS ERP community


This isn’t just about technology, where we’ve invested over $56 billion in R&D over the past decade to create the leading SaaS apps across finance, procurement, supply chain, human capital management, sales, service, marketing and unique industry applications. Just as important, it’s been our ability to guide companies to a successful transition to SaaS ERP. The best technology alone doesn’t equate to success; it’s also about the ability to deliver the solution on an ongoing basis. In the world of SaaS, if you don’t have super happy and successful customers, you won’t last.

So it’s not surprising that I often get asked, “What’s it like to be an Oracle Cloud ERP customer? How is it so different?”

Behind this question, there can be a lot of different angles. You might be an SAP customer, running one of their on-premises ERPs like S/4HANA, and the last time you seriously evaluated Oracle was 10 or 15 years ago. Or you might be running our own on-premise solutions from the past, like Oracle e-Business Suite, JD Edwards or PeopleSoft. Or maybe your company is newer, ready to scale, and you checked out the latest analyst research, in which, you’ll most always want to evaluate the leader.

The first thing I would say is about how transformational SaaS has been—not only to creating a modern business platform like we’ve described, but to our relationships: from a “vendor and customer” relationship to a business advisory role.

Being our customer comes down to 6 big benefits:

  1. This is so much more than just technology. Given our 3X cloud ERP community, we can draw on our experience from the hundreds of companies like yours in your industry and region that we've helped steer to Cloud ERP success. We provide the guidance, process expertise, and capability advice that’s vital to a successful implementation. And alongside our leading cloud ERP community, we are even prouder of our market-leading over 98% success rate with Cloud ERP projects—a far cry from the ~65% industry-wide success rate that we all saw with on-premise ERP projects. 
  2. It’s about teamwork. Since we use the same solution as our customers, we can openly share our own experience and approach, such as Oracle’s fastest reporting time of the S&P 500. In fact, among many of the high growth software companies you see running Oracle Cloud ERP, our own finance department supported them to get ready for their IPO or scale for growth. And as new a customer, you’ll be part of our community too, from day #1.
  3. This is about a cultural change. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for life after go-live, including how to influence, manage, and deploy the innovations that we continuously roll out in our cloud applications. These are new capabilities that are turned off by default, until you decide you want to apply them to your business. So we’ve mastered the art of non-disruptive, continuous innovation in SaaS. Yes, we are talking about change, and yes, any change that is worthwhile won’t be easy—so it’s vitally important that you have a SaaS partner with a strong track record of helping teams like yours transition to a much brighter future.
  4. It’s a partnership. We'll listen to your needs and constantly improve our solution, releasing hundreds of new features and performance improvements each year—the majority of which are driven by our customers. One of our central conduits for this is Cloud Customer Connect, where most our new features come through customer submissions.
  5. This is about making your life easier. Following your go-live, our support team isn’t measured on closed tickets; we work to ensure that you don’t have to open a ticket in the first place, with active monitoring using our own machine learning technology. We’ve done our job if we make yours easier.
  6. And finally, this is about continuous improvement. We also monitor customers’ usage of new features to recommend which best practices and innovations to adopt. The solution our customers rely on is always improving

From the time you begin planning your project, through go-live, to ongoing innovation delivery, we’re with you every step of the way.

Come join the largest, most trusted Cloud ERP community!

Peter Russo

Vice President, Head of ERP Product Marketing, Oracle

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