Finance and operations predictions for unpredictable times

June 15, 2020 | 2 minute read
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By Cara Clinton-Vollmer, Senior Content Manager, Oracle

The new normal might still be unclear. We’re still searching for a new rhythm for how we’ll work, and how we’ll live. It may seem too early to make predictions about the best practices that will move business forward; but even now, in every industry, finance teams are edging closer to a continuous, virtual close and making better decisions, faster. Smart factories and smart cities are meeting new supply chain challenges. Workforce collaboration has never been more vital. Customers expectations have evolved but not diminished. The new rhythm is beginning to establish itself. 

Oracle recently published Oracle Modern Best Practice—Predicted, a book written by Steve Cox, Group Vice President of ERP and EPM Product Marketing at Oracle, together with luminaries from across the Oracle expert community. Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, one of Oracle’s finance thought leaders and a past chairman of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants recently interviewed Steve to understand why the book has proven so popular with CFOs, CIOs, and CEOs worldwide.

“Many new jobs will be created, some old jobs will become irrelevant—but every job will change at the task level.”
— Steve Cox, 
Oracle Modern Best Practice—Predicted

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Join us to hear our ideas on how organizations will make the best of new technologies. Why and how might finance and operations evolve? What skills will be necessary? What processes will be needed, and where should humans focus their efforts to make better decisions, faster? These are some of the questions we discuss during this virtual “Meet the Author” session. You’ll receive a free audiobook for watching the session, and we’ll mail you a hardcover copy at no cost if you submit your mailing address.

Watch the “Meet the Author” with Steve Cox.

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