5 ways a new Dummies book can boost your cloud ERP game

December 8, 2021 | 3 minute read
Rudy Lukez
Senior Director, Global Product Marketing, On Premises-to-Cloud Program, Oracle
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We work in a world driven by daily innovations, rapidly evolving customer demands, and ever-changing technology platforms. There is, without a doubt, an endless flow of daily chatter focused on the latest new technology—to the point where it becomes impossible to keep up on all of it. Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and remember that fundamental core finance and operational processes are still the heart of any modern business.

Which is why the just-published Dummies book, Cloud ERP for Dummies, is a refreshing, easy-to-read resource for any professional involved in finance and operations—especially those pondering or planning a cloud applications project. The book provides useful insight about why cloud ERP systems are now the standard for modern enterprises.

I’ve worked across all aspects and types of enterprise applications for several decades—yet even with all that experience, I discovered five ways this book can help everyone understand why cloud ERP is critical, no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

  1. A focus on ERP basics – Like any profession or technology, there is a set of fundamental terms and concepts that are critical for foundational knowledge and effective peer-to-peer communications. This Dummies book provides context that reinforces the expertise of the most experienced ERP experts, while also giving more novice readers a solid foundation for conversations with any internal or external peer. The delivery of this core ERP knowledge makes this Dummies book a valuable addition to your digital bookshelf and a ready reference for your own street credibility.
  2. Demystifying the journey – For many finance and operations professionals who are stranded or struggling in an on-premises ERP environment, migrating from older legacy software to modern cloud solutions can seem daunting and mysterious. This Dummies book layes out common migration steps, providing context to help you understand the approach and rationale. For anybody preparing for a migration—and for others who have already completed a move—the approach outlined in this book provides an invaluable perspective on how to be successful with a move from on-premises to cloud ERP.  
  3. Unleashing business benefits – No business has the time or resources to do something simply to check a box or explore a whimsical idea. Migrating from any on-premises software to a cloud solution requires time and resources; to secure them, you must demonstrate the downstream benefits to the business. This book clearly identifies and articulates the key benefits of ERP SaaS applications, in a way that’s straightforward and easy to comprehend. It can help you prepare for any corner-office discussion as projects evolve from concept and construction, to completion and consumption.
  4. The value and importance of staying current – Since the first deployments of ERP systems in the late 1970s, the bane of on-premises software has always been upgrades. Enterprise systems like ERP need to stay current to remain secure, avoid functionality problems, and keep up with evolving and next generation technologies—but as the pace of technology change increases, on-premises systems have failed to keep up. This new Dummies book clearly highlights the continuous innovation that comes with cloud ERP solutions, eliminating a litany of issues that have plagued finance and operations teams for several generations.
  5. Solid cloud ERP benefits that deliver – With a list of ten well-defined enterprise benefits, this new Dummies book lays out a clear business case for any on-premises to cloud project.     

It can be easy to dismiss a book with “Dummies” in the title, but this is a great example of why we sometimes need to take a step back to move forward. Not only can you refresh and enhance your own knowledge, you can help your colleagues become more informed about why a cloud-first approach to ERP is now the baseline for every business. You and your colleagues can become smarter about cloud ERP by hanging out with the latest “Dummies”.

Read the complete ebook, Cloud ERP For Dummies.



Rudy Lukez

Senior Director, Global Product Marketing, On Premises-to-Cloud Program, Oracle

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