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Learn How to Improve Financial Forecasting Accuracy

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By John Mervis, Go To Market Strategy and Execution, Oracle

If you work in finance for a product-focused company—manufacturing, consumer goods, food production, or many others—your work is closely tied to the supply chain. You can forecast estimates for next year’s growth, but if there’s a hiccup in operations, or a key supplier unexpectedly raises its prices, it can throw your whole forecast out the window.

Integrated business planning (IBP) offers a solution. It helps you align financial and operational plans so that senior leadership can make the best decisions to meet the company’s goals.

IBP helps you develop a consensus plan, and then continuously monitor key performance metrics. With the ability to forecast—and reforecast as operating circumstances change—leadership teams can execute strategic decisions to ensure that the operating plan stays on track to deliver on financial goals.

25 Percent More Accurate Forecasts

As organizations adopt IBP, they are learning best practices and how to avoid mistakes. Companies that have adopted IBP have realized:

  • 25% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • 31% increase in revenue growth
  • 5% improvement in gross margin
  • 15% increase in sales
  • 100% average cash conversion cycle

On Wednesday, April 19, Oracle and Oliver Wight will host a session to share stories of customers who have implemented—and realized success with—IBP in the cloud. You will learn from Oliver Wight how integrated business planning “best practices” have evolved and are being utilized by executives for an enterprise-wide method of running your business. Oracle customers will discuss their IBP implementations and plans for further enhancements.

Register for this webinar to learn valuable information needed to achieve IBP excellence.

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