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How to Drive Better Supply Chain Performance

Jeff Stiles
VP, Product Marketing SCM
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It’s more important than ever for supply chain managers and leaders to have full visibility across the supply network to make decisions quickly.  This is especially vital in supply, demand, and sales and operations planning as organizations move toward a continuous planning cycle.  And, the ability to track and trace assets and inventory with real-time production and transportation condition monitoring is essential to improve collaboration and trust between trading partners.

The ultimate benefit of improving insight and collaboration across the value chain is to help organizations to orchestrate and continually improve supply chain performance. 

Let’s break this down to show how our customers are improving insight and collaboration for supply chain management and manufacturing with analytics, supply chain planning, and multitier visibility.

Driving better, faster decisions

Considering the ever-increasing pace and magnitude of change in our world, making sound decisions quickly is more essential than ever; both the time-critical tactical ones and especially the high-stakes decisions as organizations pivot forward.

I’ve spent over 30 years working with business analytics, performance management, and packaged business applications and seen first-hand the evolution and the value of having them seamlessly integrated and working together. A recent Ventana Research report highlights how this helps people across the business speed decision making and improve decision quality. This is the approach we’ve taken with Oracle Cloud Applications and business analytics across lines of business, and it’s especially impactful in the fast-moving world of supply chain and manufacturing.

We also embed insights directly into processes and workflows to help people monitor operations, manage exceptions, and streamline execution.  And, we’ve built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate predictions, recommend and guide resolutions, and ultimately drive better, faster decisions.

Connecting and accelerating planning

Connecting and accelerating planning functions across the organization are essential to drive supply chain performance.  This is commonly known as integrated business planning (IBP).  With connected financial, workforce, sales and operations, supply chain planning, and execution are better aligned across the business.

You may not know this, but Oracle is a multi-billion dollar high tech manufacturer, building hardware for the Oracle Public Cloud, Cloud at Customer (C@C), and Direct to Customer.  We’ve leveraged IBP along with the full stack of Oracle applications to reduce our supply chain planning cycles from weeks to days. Oracle Supply Chain Planning delivers tightly integrated capabilities from demand to supply, as well as collaboration and visibility tools along with full support for common methods of messaging and process management.

Gain transparency and build trust

Managing the complexities in a global network of trading partners requires everyone involved to have end-to-end visibility across multi-enterprise supply chains, the ability to detect anomalies, trace items and transactions from anywhere, and to operationalize trust between trading partners.

Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace provides the ability to track and trace transactions to help solve business issues such as recalls, disputes, counterfeit, fraud, and to enforce regulatory compliance.  We deliver this as a cloud application that uses blockchain with built-in integrations for Oracle IoT Intelligent Applications, Procurement, Order Management, Transportation, Warehouse Management, Inventory and Manufacturing, and the ability to easily connect to other third-party supply chain and on-premises applications.

This single trusted ledger of information across existing business applications records transactions between partners to reduce disputes, lower costs, increase margins, and optimize business processes.

Maximizing supply chain performance

It’s never been more important to focus on resiliency along with orchestrating the flow of goods and services.  We’ve explored how analytics, planning, and transparency help customers to maximize the performance of their supply networks by: 

  • Driving better, faster decisions with metrics and insights as well as machine learning predictions and recommendations based on unified machine, product, customer, and operational data.
  • Connecting and accelerating planning to unite planning across functions and move toward a continuous planning model
  • Gaining multi-tier visibility with the ability to track and trace supplier transactions

Oracle's full suite of supply chain and manufacturing applications provide everything you need to continuously plan, streamline complex processes and align execution across the organization and value chain.

Learn more about driving better decisions with insight and collaboration.

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