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How 10x Genomics automated and unified business processes with Oracle Cloud

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By Smriti Khera, Director, Industry Marketing, Oracle

The pandemic has not affected everyone equally. Many businesses have been in recovery mode, where others have been experiencing phenomenal growth. Regardless of their specific business drivers, we’ve seen an influx of customers across all industries moving to the cloud. Many are looking for an end-to-end finance and operations solution to help them quickly innovate, get their businesses back on track, or scale and grow, as was the case with 10x Genomics.

Business imperatives driving process transformation

Recently at a highly engaging webinar, I had the privilege to discuss with Raja Dwibhashyam, Head of Productivity Engineering at 10x Genomics, the specific imperatives that led 10x Genomics down the path of upgrading to Oracle Cloud. When many businesses struggled to stay afloat, the innovative product portfolio at 10x Genomics used for cutting-edge biomedical research, including COVID-19 exploration, required they scale their manufacturing facilities and supply chain operations globally. In 2018, once 10x Genomics went public in one of the largest biotech IPOs of that year, it challenged them with increased demand, an expanding portfolio, and increasing product complexity. They decided to set themselves up for success with a view of the next couple of decades as opposed to short-term bolt-on solutions. Their initial investigations uncovered supply chain forecasting, planning, warehouse management, manufacturing, and quality control as immediate gaps.  But they knew to achieve long-term business objectives, they would need to upgrade their operations across manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, and core finance. Working with Trinamix, Raja described a 2-3 year transformation strategy that began with the critically needed modules but scaled to other areas of their business and operations.

 So far 10x Genomics has automated and connected the following 5 business processes spanning customer service, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain:

  1. Forecast to plan
  2. Plan to build
  3. Order to cash
  4. Procure to pay
  5. Record to report

Remote implementation at the height of the pandemic

While the implementation of demand management and supply planning modules began in 2019, the second phase of the project around Oracle Cloud ERP, manufacturing, and other supply chain modules was ongoing in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They were in the user acceptability testing phase when the state of California announced shelter in place and statewide shutdown. Given the urgency of the upgrades for 10x Genomics to scale and grow, the team continued with testing followed by user training remotely. This is of course made possible through cloud applications that do not require on-premises infrastructure or support. Another major factor that made this remote implementation possible, as Raja points out, was the diligent effort of our implementation partner during this project, Trinamix.

Amit Sharma, CEO of Trinamix described that to better serve 10X Genomics’ needs, their team developed a new solution they now call Trinamix Allocation Workbench. This new tool can calculate and track the remaining shelf life of raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods across the entire supply chain. Amit also ascribed the success of the implementation to the use of advanced tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), excellent project governance, Trinamix expertise in manufacturing/ supply chain, and the life science industry.

Continuous innovation through automation and integration

During our conversation, Raja dives deeper into each business process and key benefits that his team has achieved. Together, Raja and Amit discuss plans to upgrade the S&OP process, additional Oracle Cloud ERP modules, and other initiatives into 2022 at 10x Genomics. They also addressed over 40 questions live from the audience on all aspects of Oracle solutions, experience integrating with 3rd party software such as RF Smart, challenges with remote operations, and the pandemic. It is a must-watch event, especially for anyone in the life sciences industry who is facing similar market demands and finding their semi-automated or manual systems not up to the task.

To learn more, watch the on-demand webcast today!

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