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Why Emerging Markets Need Tomorrow's ERP, Today

By Arun Khehar, SVP Applications ECEMEA, Oracle Emerging markets have a lot to brag about. Compared with historically dominant economies, they have a lower cost...

Finance Topics & Trends

How the Cloud Is Improving the Prognosis for Healthcare

 By Vince Vickers, Principal, Advisory Consulting, Healthcare and Life Sciences, KPMG The healthcare industry is poised to get a lot healthier – and it couldn’t...

Finance Topics & Trends

How High Tech Can Profit from the Coming Productivity Boom

By Kevin Sullivan, Partner, PwC A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dr. Michael Mandel over dinner at Modern Finance Experience in New York....

Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions

Growing by Leaps and Bounds in the Cloud

Sim International prides itself on being a full-service production house for some big players in the entertainment game. Their motto, “From first frame to...

Finance Topics & Trends

CFOs Poised to Lead a Cloud-Driven Productivity Boom

New research shows that the United States is on the verge of a productivity boom that could add at least $2 trillion to the gross domestic product (GDP) over...

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How to Evaluate Consolidation Opportunities in the Healthcare Industry

The old adage, “Doing more with less” has never been more relevant to the healthcare industry in the United States. Everybody wants to pay less for patient...

Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions

The World in 2050: High-Growth Economies

By Arun Khehar, SVP Applications ECEMEA, Oracle Every couple of years, PwC releases its long-term forecast for the global economy. The most recent edition, The...

Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions

A Cool Way to Grow Revenue in Higher Education

What if attracting, enrolling and retaining students were as easy as this video? And, other than the cool factor, why should finance professionals care? These...

Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions

How More Agility Leads to Greater Revenue Growth

Here at The Modern Finance Leader, one of our key themes is the need for “finance agility.” The reason is simple: research has shown that finance agility and...


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