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Riverbed Technology uses Oracle Analytics Cloud to Improve Renewal Rates

John Klinke
Director, Oracle Industry Strategy Group

Author: Eva Chen, Marketing Analyst at Oracle

Oracle is proud to have helped thousands of manufacturers around the world improve their business operations and drive revenue growth. One recent example is Riverbed Technology. Riverbed Technology is based in San Francisco and develops software and hardware for application performance management, network performance monitoring and wide area networks (WANs). 

Service renewal is a significant revenue driver for Riverbed, but they weren’t effectively tapping into their own customer data to identify key renewal drivers. Because of this, they were not only missing patterns for renewals but also lacking a definitive approach to improving renewal rates. Thus, Riverbed started looking at data analytics and data visualization platforms that would give them better visibility into their business and help drive increased renewals. 

After evaluating a number of different analytics platforms, Riverbed chose Oracle Analytics Cloud due to its ease of use, ease of integration, powerful data visualization features, and embedded machine learning capabilities.

“We know that with a good back-end structure in place (with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), we can connect to any number of sources: third party, on-premises. Then we have our visualization world, which is Oracle Analytics Cloud, and all the capabilities that it brings to the table,” said Riverbed Senior IT Director, Bhisman Jani. 

With Oracle Analytics Clouds, Riverbed can now understand their customer renewals, focusing on key indicators such as service contract expiration, number of service cases against a contract, product mix, device telemetry, and discount rate. Within 3 months of using Oracle Analytics Cloud, they saw the following results: 

  • 8% increase in early renewals 
  • 16% increase in on-time renewals
  • 68% increase in customer renewal forecast accuracy
  • 8% decrease in delayed renewals

Thanks to Oracle Analytics Cloud, Riverbed is now able to reach out and reconnect with customers not fully utilizing their service contracts as well as plan resources for manufacturing and fulfillment more accurately. 

Moving forward, Riverbed is thinking about a whole ecosystem built around data. They are exploring use cases that involve machine data and are looking at expanding data analysis to other areas of the company, such as human resources. 

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