Modern Manufacturing

Oracle Brings Finance and Supply Chain Together with a Transformative End-to-End Planning Solution

John Klinke
Director, Oracle Industry Strategy Group

Guest Author: Enrique Lopez-Tello, Integrated Planning and Execution Solution Manager

During the last few years, manufacturing companies are facing a business environment where difficult to predict disruptions are the norm. Increased global competition, changes in consumption models, environmental and trade regulations, and the need to renew the manufacturing sector with transformational technologies (Industry 4.0) define this new, always-changing environment. Disruptions normally result in increased business performance risks, but these same disruptions could be transformed into opportunities for those organizations that can adapt to them more quickly than their competitors do.

What do manufacturing companies need to turn disruptions into opportunities? Global manufacturers often lack a single view of their end-to-end business plan and its real-time execution. In today’s environment, global manufactures need to know sooner, act faster and adapt more quickly to changing business conditions. 

Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) solution does that. By integrating elements from Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud and Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud and embedding advanced technologies (IoT, AI and Prescriptive Analytics), this solution helps manufacturers improve sales and operational efficiency as well as accelerate business agility.  

With Oracle’s IBPX solution, companies are able to:

  • Consolidate Planning in a Single Hub: Deploy and integrate multiple planning elements – financial planning and budgeting, sales and operations planning, sales and operations execution, marketing, new product/service introduction – within a single, unified hub.
  • Integrate Planning with Execution: Eliminate latency, ensuring no business value is lost due to delays in consolidating insights and adapting to changing conditions. 
  • Predict and Prevent Performance Issues: Identify future performance gaps and be given alternative courses of action thanks to embedded machine learning capabilities that can address problems before it is too late.
  • Escalate Issues from Machine to Human Intervention: Detect unexpected events and either automate the responses or select exceptions for cases that will require human intervention.
  • Benefit from One Unified Data Model: Have a single view of data across multiple departments and lines of business while also ensuring that changes to data points are reflected across all applications and views.
  • Choose Modules and Deployment Options: Have the flexibility to choose from a range of planning and execution modules and deploy the solution in the way that best fits your business needs.

Oracle customers who are already using both Oracle EPM Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud can take advantage of this functionality today. For more info about the capabilities and benefits of the Oracle IBPX solution, visit Integrated Business Planning and Execution and download the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 session deck: Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning Evolution: Agile Planning and Execution