Modern Manufacturing

Leading Steel Manufacturer looks to the Cloud to Modernize HCM

John Klinke
Director, Oracle Industry Strategy Group

ArcelorMittal is a leading steel manufacturer based in Luxembourg that ships over 84 million tons of steel annually to customers in the automotive, construction, household appliances, and packaging industries. It employs over 190,000 people around the world while generating annual revenues of $70 billion. 

ArcelorMittal was interested in improving its recruiting, people management, and other human resources systems. They had a patchwork of outdated recruiting, training, and performance-review tools that came up short with regards to the needed functionality and visibility into HR competencies across their operations.

They looked at a number of HR solutions and ending up choosing Oracle Cloud HCM due to its advantages in providing an end-to-end system for managing its workforce. Oracle Cloud HCM’s e-recruiting capabilities help ArcelorMittal more effectively compete for talent, especially in highly competitive markets that are home to high-tech companies and startups. And instead of logging into five systems to conduct a performance review or using three systems to plan employee training, managers can use a single system - Oracle Cloud HCM - for every aspect of human capital management throughout the employment lifecycle of each employee.

"The [human capital management] basics, like those built into Oracle Cloud HCM, were much stronger than those of the competition. Oracle clearly understood how things should work.” - Koen Mols, HR Excellence Program, ArcelorMittal

Read this HCM success story to learn more about why ArcelorMittal chose Oracle Cloud to modernize their HR systems and processes.  For more information about how Oracle can help your business with modern, integrated cloud applications, visit oracle.com/industries/industrial-manufacturing.