Monday Jun 02, 2008

The Bluetooth Conundrum

SDN staff writer Richard Marejka provides the required code to programmatically detect the presence of the JSR 82 Bluetooth APIs. [Read More]

Tuesday May 27, 2008

Comparing Mobile Platforms: Java ME and Adobe Flash Lite

Bruce Hopkins compares the strengths and weaknesses of each platform in six significant categories: graphics, multimedia, local device accessibility, security, network connectivity, and miscellany.

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Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

New Gaming Experiences with OpenGL ES and the Mobile Sensor API

Several mobile devices on the market today have a built in accelerometer, much like the one used in the controls for the Nintendo Wii. Java ME developer Erik Hellman believes that built-in accelerometers in mobile phones will become even more common as new mobile games appear. In this simple game for a Sony Ericsson w910i, he uses both the OpenGL ES API for Java ME and the Mobile Sensor API to read them.

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Monday Apr 21, 2008

Asynchronous Communications with Java ME and SIP: Part I

Bruce Hopkins shows two MIDlets that employ the SIP protocol and JSR 180 API to communicate asynchronously, complete with source code. JSR 180 is a part of the MSA standard, so more and more mobile devices are supporting this API.[Read More]

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

Using Filters With the Java ME Device Matrix

When you want to know what devices support a specific set of Java ME technologies, use the Software Filter to search the Java ME Device Matrix. This tech tip explains how to set multiple filters.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 06, 2008

Detecting Java ME Optional Packages

Eric Giguere explains how to detect the presence or absence of an optional package in a Java ME application.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Mobile & Embedded Developer Days Recap

The first Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference was successfully held on January 23-24, 2008, in Santa Clara. Robots and flashing coasters and electronic toys, what more could a girl want! [Read More]

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

Quiz: How MSA-Savvy Are You?

Test your MSA knowledge by taking this quiz, put together by SDN staff writer Richard Marejka.[Read More]

Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

Mobile Java and Sprint

Sprint/Nextel has a strong history of Java ME-based innovation in mobile technology. The new Sprint Wireless Toolkit 3.2 with MSA support is available from Sprint as of today.

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Thursday Dec 06, 2007

Ultra-low Bandwidth Communication with Java ME

Bruce Hopkins explores how to use Java ME and Sun SPOT technology to create a low-bandwidth wireless system to read sensor data. He provides two fully functioning applications: the first one is the base station application, which will receive data from the second application, the free roaming wireless Sun SPOT.[Read More]

Friday Nov 30, 2007

Java ME Technology Overview

C. Enrique Ortiz walks you through the world of mobile Java technology, including configurations, profiles, and Java Technologies for handsets, smart cards, and embedded devices.

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Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

Using MIDP in the Java ME Games API

Apress book on creating games using the Java ME platform nicely explains development (the geeky side) and distribution (the business side).

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Activing Alerts in MIDP 2.0

Eric Giguere explains how to create progress-indicator gauges or activation alerts in Java applications running MIDP.[Read More]

How to Encrypt Data in Java ME Applications Using the SATSA API

This tip from Bruce Hopkins includes a complete working example that runs on the Sun Wireless Toolkit for CLDC and SATSA-enabled (Security and Trust Services API) mobile devices. [Read More]

Friday Oct 26, 2007

Invoking JavaFX Code From NetBeans

This wide-ranging "Ask the Experts" transcript of last week's NetBeans IDE 6.0 session contains the phrase "I feel your pain" and many more enlightening discussions.

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Thursday Oct 18, 2007

MIDP Provisioning With Servlets

In this tech tip, Eric Giguere shows how to write a simple servlet that automatically selects the right version of your application and delivers it through the magic of over-the-air (OTA) provisioning.[Read More]

Monday Oct 08, 2007

Externalizing Resources - Persisting Images in RMS

In this tech tip, C. Enrique Ortiz describes how to save bandwidth by implementing a local cache -- using an RMS (Record Management System) -- for images. This also reduces MIDlet download size.[Read More]

Obfuscating Your MIDlet Suite

This tech tip from C. Enrique Ortiz illustrates obfuscation tools to reduce MIDlet suite size to save Over-the-Air (OTA) size and time. It includes examples with both Sun Java Wireless Toolkit and Ant scripts.[Read More]

Ajax-like Asynchronous SOA Calls with Java ME

Eric Giguere explains why the Java ME platform lends itself quite readily to accessing external resources using a service-oriented architecture (SOA) -- inclulding that many Java ME applications are built using an Ajax-like model, except of course with Java used in place of JavaScript.[Read More]

Accessing a Resource over HTTP

This technical tip from C. Enrique Ortiz introduces a Java helper class, NetworkUtils, that defines a number of HTTP constants and a helper method that uses an HttpConnection to connect to a server over HTTP, get a resource, and return it as a DataInputStream.[Read More]

Tips for developers who use Java technologies (Java SE, Java ME, JavaFX) for mobile and embedded devices.


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