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Winning! Mobile Challenge Tips

You know what they say, target your audience demographics & strike an emotional chord. :)  This should span a few generations. 

The OpenWorld 2016 Oracle Mobile Challenge - What is it? But more importantly, how can you win? Aside from the general information provided in the previous two links, here are some hints (no cheating) that may give you the edge you need to win. In honor of David Letterman, here's the Top 10 hints to winning the Oracle Mobile Challenge:

  1. Prior to the game, it's a good idea to download and reinstall the Mobile Challenge app to get the latest updated tweaks and information. Game starts on Monday. Get the latest version on Sunday.
  2. Just like Pokemon, some sessions and booths are worth more than others. This is especially true for the Sessions list. Click on each one, and you'll see some say "Win 200 points"  200 is the highest ranking points. Go to those sessions. Here are two examples: Mobile Now and in the Future: Location, Cognitive Insight, Chatbots and Much More [CON7881],  and Learn from Oracle Mobile Customers: Going from Strategy to Live in Weeks [CON6379] 
  3. Earning points is once per beacon. When the game resets each day, it's a fresh start, but you can't back to the same source for points. You have to find new targets. A clever strategy can help.
  4. Because many of the booth demos have points, the Mobile & IoT Showcase, Moscone South, #109 is laden with points
  5. When attending sessions, if you post comments, that's extra points
  6. Chat up the partners who are participating (Partners tab) not only do they have points, but some of them may be giving away some cool swag
  7. Make sure you click the "Scan" button to detect.  Unlike the Pokemon Go game, we didn't want to drain your phone batteries by constantly looking for targets, so you have to actively scan for targets. Explore the Sessions, Partners and Team tabs and get informed.
  8. Not all the people listed in the Team tab have points. Look for people with a  [nickname] This means, they  should have a beacon.
  9. Make sure bluetooth is on. No bluetooth, no scanning, no points. No win. Just do it.
  10. If you're pulling double duty  and playing this game and Pokemon Go! at the same time, the latter will destroy your phone battery in only a couple hours. Bring an extra battery pack. 

Hope this helps and most importantly, learn stuff, enjoy the beautiful SF weather, play safe and have fun!

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