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Tuesday Winners #MobileChallenge #OOW16

Winner, winner, chicken, dinner.  You know, it's only day two and that's all I got tonight. What can I say. I did look up the origins of this saying and it has something to do with Las Vegas. At least that what it said on Quora.  

Anywhoo, I started writing this blog post at 10:30 pm, thinking we've got a winner by now but it looks like a real race. I mean, Famous Work had the lead most of the day and all of a sudden, Next Territory just blew past while I was typing!  People, I need to get my sleep!  :-)  JK, I'm glad to see folks are excited about this.  No wonder considering the prizes from team Samsung.  It's like, he/she was Usain Bolt in the 100 meter!  Gotta figure New Territory must have found where a bunch experts were hanging out and caught all their beacons.  

It's now 11:03PM, and ready for some Zs. We're calling it!  Even though there might be an outside chance, take a picture if you think your number is different from below. It's all stored in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, so we can double check the analytics if we need to.  Ah, yes, the benefits of Oracle MCS. :)

Congrats to Tuesday's #MobileChallenge winners!

  1. Next Territory
  2. Famous Work
  3. Good Dad

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