Monday Feb 08, 2016

Mobile Solutions for Oracle Applications

Enterprises building a portfolio of mobile applications often face significant challenges. These challenges are magnified when dealing with older versions of E-Business Suite or JD Edwards which may not have included an out-of-the-box mobile option from Oracle and while newer versions may include out-of-the box mobile apps, but they may not meet your customer needs or be easily customized. To address these challenges, check out this webinar which introduces new mobile solutions for E-Business Suite and JD Edwards. 

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Monday Nov 30, 2015

Gartner: Mobile Trends and Insights

Enterprise Mobile Trends and Insights Featuring Gartner
Mobile has quickly become a ubiquitous part of our everyday life. Today we expect the convenience and ease of use capabilities achieved from mobile devices to permeate into the workplace. How should enterprises embrace mobile technology as they embark on their mobile journey? What impacts will Cloud and Internet of Things have on Mobile? Get these answers and much more from Gartner Research Director, Richard Marshall in this short webcast.   (registration required) 

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Monday Nov 09, 2015

Mobile: The Heart of Your Digital Transformation

By 2020 over 80% of the world’s population will own a smartphone. As an enterprise, are you ready to embrace this digital revolution? Digital transformations are happening all around us; some are disrupting entire industries, others are impacting their enterprises and all are revolutionizing how we engage with customers, partners and employees.

Hear Rimi Bewtra, Senior Director of Mobile, IoT and Digital Product Marketing at Oracle discuss in detail how:
  • Companies are leveraging mobile technology and making their own digital transformation
  • You can develop a complete, end-to-end enterprise mobile strategy
  • To increase your mobile ROI and drive improved personal engagements

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Sunday Dec 07, 2014

Rethink Mobile: Beyond Mobile First with Oracle


December 17, 2014 - Mark your calendars to get an update on Oracle's mobile strategy: Rethink Mobile: Beyond Mobile First with Oracle. We will be available to answer your questions via live chats. The Oracle guest lineup includes: Suhas Uliyar, Vice President, Mobile Strategy, Product Management, Laurent Pacalin, Group Vice President, Product Management, Jeanne Lowell, Vice President, E-Business Suite, and Rimi Bewtra, Sr. Director of Product Marketing.

And if you happen to be at Gartner AADI this week (Las Vegas!) stop by and say hello.  I'll give you a mobile tour at no extra charge and perhaps some free poker lessons. ;-) 

Here's a great trailer for the main event you do not want to miss.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

Changes to Apple App Store validation criteria

Recent changes to the validation criteria for Apple App Store submissions have resulted in some applications built using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) version 2.0.0 being rejected with the following errors:

  • ERROR ITMS-9000 "Disallowed paths ("iTunesArtwork") found at: mobile.ipa"
  • ERROR ITMS-9000 "Missing plist key.  The Info.plist file is missing the required key: CFBundleShortVersionString."
The easiest solution is to upgrade to Oracle Mobile Application Framework version 2.0.1, but if you must remain on MAF version 2.0.0, read more to find out how to successfully upload your app to the App Store.
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Monday Jul 28, 2014

10 Tips for getting started with Oracle MAF

If you’re getting started with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) development, you can find a growing number of excellent instructional videos on the Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel. These videos will teach you how to design and develop MAF apps, consume web services, use the embedded SQLite database and design killer UIs. 

But what about the little tips and tricks that will make life easier as you’re learning your way around MAF?  Read more to find out.

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