Friday Sep 19, 2014

Get your hands on Oracle Mobile Development at Open World!

Hands-On-Lab 9303 at Oracle Open World

On Wednesday, October 1st, 11:45 AM I will be hosting a hands-on lab at the Hotel Nikko in Ballroom II. In this lab you will build a mobile client that can consume a REST service that provides a list of products. Next we will go into that REST service and modify it to provide products not only from our existing product catalog, but also products from our newly acquired company. The result will be REST service that provides an application-neutral list of products. We won't need to modify the mobile client. This is just one example of agility that Oracle Mobile Suite brings to your company.

 If you are going to be at Open World this year, please come by and participate in my lab. Get your hands on the technology and see for yourself how easy it is! 

HOL9303 Mobile Development with Oracle Mobile Suite

Friday Oct 19, 2012

ADF Mobile @ Oracle Open World 2012 - A Look Back...

Hi, everyone:

It's been a little over two weeks since the end of Oracle Open World 2012, and hope everyone has recovered sufficiently.  We have seen a tremendous amount of coverage on Oracle ADF Mobile during this Oracle Open World.  For starters, ADF Mobile demo booth was positioned in the Oracle Red Lounge in Moscone North, where all new and innovative technologies are being demonstrated.  The booth is liternally out front and the first booth in the area, and we had a lot of interested attendees talking to us.  It feels like ADF Mobile has finally arrived on the big stage.

There are numerous sessions and hands on labs that covers ADF Mobile.  Details can be found in Oracle Open World page.  
  • The Oracle Cloud: Oracle's Cloud Platofrm and Application Strategy by Thomas Kurian (Keynote)
    • Near the beginning of the keynote, showing a great analytics application built using ADF Mobile 
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Strategies Driving Business Innovation by Hasan Rizvi (Keynote)
  • The Future of Development for Oracle Fusion—From Desktop to Mobile to Cloud by Chris Tonas (General Session)
    • Co-presented with Accenture, an ADF Mobile Beta Partner
  • Extend Oracle Fusion Apps to Tablets/Smartphones with Oracle Mobile Technology (General Session)
  • Extend Oracle Applications to Mobile Devices with Oracle’s Mobile Technologies (General Session)
  • Building Mobile Applications with Oracle Cloud (General Session)
  • Mobile-Enable Oracle Fusion Middleware and Enterprise Applications with Oracle ADF (Conference Session)
    • Co-presented with Infosys, an ADF Mobile Beta Partner
  • Develop On-Device iPhone and iPad Apps Without Writing Any Objective-C Code (Oracle Develop Session)
  • Mobile Apps for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle ADF Mobile and Oracle SOA Suite (Conference Session)
  • Developing Applications for Mobile iOS and Android Devices with Oracle ADF Mobile (Hands on Lab)
    • This lab was repeated 8 (!) times
  • Build Mobile Applications for Oracle E-business Suite (Hands on Lab)
It was an extremely busy Open World for the team, and we were in the middle of trying to release ADF Mobile!  

By far, the most memorable event during Open World was the ADF Meett Up at the OTN Lounge, where beers were flowing (for a little while) and familiar names are finally matched with faces.  We also appreciate the opportunity to interview the attendees from New Caledonia - sorry we probably surprised you with the video record, and many thanks for coming through for us.

I also want to thank my fellow ADF Mobile and Fusion Middleware team members - from product managers, engineers, and product marketing, everyone worked extremely hard to make this Open World a great success for ADF Mobile.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone at Oracle Open World, at the booth, sessions, etc.   Now it's on to release ADF Mobile - for real!


Joe Huang

PS: If this thread shows up on your RSS feed, please keep watching...

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