Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

MAF MCS Utility Patch for MAF 2.2.1

MAF MCS Utility is a library and public sample that simplifies integration of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) in Oracle MAF applications. The MAF MCS Utility library and its sample application are shipped as part of the Oracle MAF public samples, located in the publicSamples.zip file, along with all the other MAF samples.

Sometimes things happen as they do! Unfortunately, when shipping Oracle MAF 2.2.1, the MAF MCS Utility provided with the release was broken. The effect of the defect is that you are getting re-routed to the login screen, or if you got around this problem, Storage and UserInfo don't work properly in the sample application. Using the MAF MCS Utility JAR file in a custom application may fail for Storage uploads in the response sent back from MCS.  

A fixed for MAF MCS Utility (maf-mcs-utility 2.2.1) will be shipped within the next version of Oracle MAF. However, no need to wait. For Oracle MCS and Oracle MAF customers to get the patch to the MAF MCS Utility now, the Oracle Mobile team made the MAF MCS Utility version 2.2.1 available for download online.

Please use the link below to download both in one: the MAF MCS Utility library (a JAR file) and the MAF MCS Utility sample application, which is a generic MCS tester that can be configured to run against any public Oracle MCS instance. 

Download Link: maf-mcs-utility 2.2.1

Monday Jul 28, 2014

10 Tips for getting started with Oracle MAF

If you’re getting started with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) development, you can find a growing number of excellent instructional videos on the Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel. These videos will teach you how to design and develop MAF apps, consume web services, use the embedded SQLite database and design killer UIs. 

But what about the little tips and tricks that will make life easier as you’re learning your way around MAF?  Read more to find out.

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Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

Resources to Help You Getting Up To Speed on ADF Mobile

Hi, everyone:

By now, I hope you would have a chance to review the sample applications and try to deploy it.  This is a great way to get started on learning ADF Mobile.  To help you getting started, here is a central list of "steps to get up to speed on ADF Mobile" and related resources that can help you developing your mobile application.
    1. Check out the ADF Mobile Landing Page on the Oracle Technology Network.
    2. View this introductory video.
    3. Read this Data Sheet and FAQ on ADF Mobile.
    4. JDeveloper Download.
      • Download the generic version of JDeveloper for installation on Mac.
      • Note that there are workarounds required to install JDeveloper on a Mac.
    5. Download ADF Mobile Extension from JDeveloper Update Center or Here.
      • Please note you will need to configure JDeveloper for Internet access (In HTTP Proxy preferences) in order the install the extension, as the installation process will prompt you for a license that's linked off Oracle's web site.
    6. View this end-to-end application creation video.
    7. View this end-to-end iOS deployment video if you are developing for iOS devices.
    8. Configure your development environment, including location of the SDK, etc in JDeveloper-Tools-Preferences-ADF Mobile dialog box.  The two videos above should cover some of these configuration steps.
    9. Check out the sample applications shipped with JDeveloper, and then deploy them to simulator/devices using the steps outlined in the video above.  This blog entry outlines all sample applications shipped with JDeveloper.
    10. Develop a simple mobile application by following this tutorial.
    11. Try out the Oracle Open World 2012 Hands on Lab to get a sense of how to programmatically access server data.  You will need these source files.
    12. Ask questions in the ADF/JDeveloper Forum.
    13. Search ADF Mobile Preview Forum for entries from ADF Mobile Beta Testing participants.
    14. For all other questions, check out this exhaustive and detailed ADF Mobile Developer Guide.
    15. If something does not seem right, check out the ADF Mobile Release Note.


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