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Service Bus - My Favorite New Features

Jeff Davies
Cloud Success Manager

With the release of Mobile Suite 12c comes a new version of the Service Bus and some new capabilities. Perhaps one of the most significant improvements over the 11g version is the fact that proxy service interfaces are now separate from their pipelines (formerly called "Message Flows"). This is a critical improvement because it allows the service designer to implement the business logic once (in the pipeline) and then provide one or more service interfaces to that pipeline.

In the 11g release there was a 1:1 relationship between proxy services and message flows. In Java terms, this forced all services to behave as concrete classes with a single interface. With the 12c release, (again in Java terms) you can create a single class (pipeline) that implements multiple service interfaces. Here is an example of what I mean:

The  image shows a single pipeline (in the middle) with 2 different proxy service interfaces. The ProductManagerRS proxy is a REST interface that supports both JSON and XML payloads (depending on the content of the Accept header that is passed in). The ProductManager proxy is a SOAP service.

The image above brings up another new feature, the overview. The overview provides a view of the service bus project at a higher level. It makes it easier to see at a glance all of the proxy services, pipelines/split-joins and external services that are used by the project. The overview looks like the SCA Composite view in SOA Suite, but technically it is not a composite view.

By double-clicking on any of the artifacts in the overview, you can drill-down into greater detail. For example, if I double-click on the pipeline in the center it opens the traditional pipeline view (aka the Message Flow in 11g). If you are an experienced Service Bus developer, the following image will be very familiar.

The overview makes it much easier to navigate larger projects!

In the coming days I will post a few more entries for my favorite features. 12c is a great release and will be a critical advance for many of our customers.


- Jeff 



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