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Securely connecting to other apps and services from Mobile Cloud Service

Jeff Davies
Cloud Success Manager

CSF Keys in MCS

I recently had a customer ask me about creating a connector from Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) to Oracle Financials in the cloud. Creating a connector to Oracle Financials is a quick process and involves the creation of a CSF key.

What is a CSF Key?

CSF stand for Credential Store Framework. This framework, built into MCS, allows you to create and store multiple credentials for use by MCS. In this case, we want to store a basic authorization credential in MCS so MCS can authenticate to the Oracle Financials Cloud Service.

How do I create a connector that uses CSF?

Here is the process for creating a connector to Oracle Financials.

  1. You must know the authentication strategy used by the system to which you are connecting. In the case of Oracle Financials or HCM in the cloud, Basic Auth is used. Therefore you need to have a user name and password that will be recognized by the backend system.
  2. Start MCS and navigate to the Connectors page. Click on the green "+ New Connector" button to start the connector creation wizard. Oracle Financials and HCM will need a SOAP connector, so select SOAP Connector when prompted.
  3. Provide your new connector with a name and paste in the URL to the WSDL for the SOAP service.

Connector Wizard Step 1

  1. Press the Create button to create the connector. For our purposes, you can skip the first 2 steps of the Connector configuration and go directly to the Security link.
  2. Here on the security page you must first select the authentication policy for the system. In this case it is oracle/http_basic_auth_over_ssl_client_policy. Once you have selected the authentication policy, you can create a new CSF key. See the highlighted areas on the following image.

Configuring security for the connector 


  1. The Add / Create CSF Key dialog will appear. Press the Add button to create a new key. Fill in all of the required information and press the Create button. Mobile Cloud Service will take care of all of the details for you. The key will remain available for other connectors also, so if you have specific privileged user accounts for your backend systems, you can easily reuse the keys.

Managing CSF Keys

That takes care of creating a CSF key. Now how do you manage them? If the user password changes on a backend system you need a way to quickly change it in Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). It's not uncommon for corporate policy to specify that passwords are changed twice a year or more frequently. Fortunately, this is easy in MCS. Simply click on the Administration tab in the main MCS menu, and then click on the Keys & Certificates button in the main web page.

Manage CSF keys and certs using the Administration menu,


This will bring up the now familiar CSF Keys and Certificates dialog. Just change the password here and save your changes. No need to update any of your connectors or custom code.

Using the CSF Key dialog to change an existing password


That's all there is to it. Now you know how to easily create and manage your CSF keys.

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