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Reusable Analytic Reporting with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

The proverbial they say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what isn't said is how much time and effort it takes to paint the picture in the first place, certainly you don't re-paint the picture for every gallery viewing!

The mobile analytic data captured via Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) can be extremely valuable in a similar fashion.  It can tell us who uses our mobile applications, how they use them and when they are used as example.  So wouldn’t it be nice to build a palette of analytic reports so we can run them with just a click and can use them again and again?

Oracle MCS provides two ways we can build, save and share such reusable analytic reports.

The first and easiest way is to use the Save button when we are viewing and configuring a pre-existing analytics report in the MCS portal. For example, if we were viewing the user session count report for all our mobile applications, then we configured it to show the session count across countries, rather than having to open the vanilla report and set the options again next time we need it, all we need to do is click the Save button and the customized report will be ready for us to reuse next time.

As shown in the following picture our saved reports are listed under the Development -> Analytics -> My Reports page:

A second way to create and save reports is from the My Reports page itself. Just click the New Report button, specify a report name, description, type and a mobile backend to run the report against. The type defines what kind of report we wish to work on: is the report about API Call Count or Response Time, Events, User or Sessions.

When we click the Create button, we are taken to an area where we can start defining the report in detail:

Once we have the data the way we want to see it, then like before, we click the Save button and the report will be available from the My Reports menu option. Remember that when we save a report we are including everything that makes up the report including any filters that are applied, the chart style and the environment it is running against.

Once the report is saved and available from My Reports, we can either Edit, Run or Delete the report using the burger icon associated with the report:

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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