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  • July 8, 2019

Oracle's New AI Powered Voice


My family and I continue to have more and more conversations with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant lately. Yeah, all three - I’ve no excuse.

Having three AI based sources within speaking range of each other, we have a tendency to fact check them against one another - especially when someone doesn’t quite trust or agree with the answer they get. For example, is Australia considered a continent or is it Oceania? Is a hot dog a sandwich?  Who is the best NBA player of all time ever? At the end of the day, even for these sophisticated conversational AI sources, the “trusted” source is key. The old programming adage, garbage in – garbage out, still applies. 

Content is King, but Context is Everything

Extracting accurate text, from the spoken word, has gotten pretty accurate.  Talk to Alexa, Google and even Siri, they can translate voice to text well enough. Extracting the intent – the meaning behind those words, is hard. It’s hard, because context is everything.  When people talk, we humans are pretty good at switching topics, without much fuss. Go from basketball, to fishing, to baking cookies – not a problem. Switching gears on AI – problem. 

Conversational AI – All In

Here at Oracle, we’re making great strides to address context.  The Oracle SaaS teams in particular, are all-in on adopting conversational interfaces for their products.  The Customer Experience (CX) team is making access to CRM systems easier.  The Human Capital Management (HCM) team, is also embracing the future – as we speak. <groan>.  And because the Oracle SaaS teams are using Oracle Digital Assistant platform, conversing with the Oracle powered assistant, switching context between app skills from a single digital assistant, will be much easier.

Oracle’s New AI Powered Voice

You might ponder, Alexa, Google and Siri, they’ve pretty much have the voice to text portion locked down. But in the enterprise space, it’s different. We can do better - not only from a technical perspective, but also from the all the more important privacy and security perspective.  While Oracle Digital Assistant is it’s own platform, within Oracle’s own cloud environment, processing voice to text, using Alexa, etc., isn’t always an ideal or even acceptable situation.  That’s why Oracle’s investing in it’s own AI powered voice technologies.  From what I’ve seen – it’s well worth the investment and a potential game changer in the enterprise. You can hear a quick intro on this topic, on this 10 min podcast interview with Suhas Uliyar, VP Product Management, and also catch a deeper dive in this upcoming free webcast on July 17. And of course, to see how much conversational AI is being embraced, check out Oracle OpenWorld – where Digital Assistant will literally be the talk of the show. 

FWIW, Australia is a continent.  Oceania is a region that includes the country/continent of Australia. A hotdog is a sandwich.  And the GOAT NBA player is of course, Michael Jordan. 

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  • Honorat Yapo Monday, July 15, 2019
    You will be a real game changer in the enterprise business application space.
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