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Oracle leaps ahead of SAP and IBM in MADP

Jeff Davies
Cloud Success Manager

Recently, Gigaom Research (a research and analyst firm) took a look at the state of cross-platform mobile development. Their list of vendors included Oracle, SAP, IBM and a few others. They divided their criteria for judging the mobile cross-platform development solutions into five, “Disruption Vectors”. Each of these vectors received a weight:


  • Talent crunch (33%)
  • Iteration Acceleration (22%)
  • Fragmentation (20%)
  • Trend Spotting (15%)
  • Destabilization (10%)



Disruption Vectors

Across all of these disruption vectors, Oracle scored highest overall and was also a clear leader with regard to talent crunch, meaning that Oracle’s Mobile Application Framework (MAF) worked best in eliminating the need for platform specific skills.

Here are a few highlights from the paper:

  • “Oracle’s MAF emphasizes a multi-channel, pluggable approach rather than a monolithic stack.”
  • “MAF has well planned, mature, and use case-driven security features, mainly via the inclusion of the Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS).” 
  • “MAF is just the mobile piece of Oracle’s larger “SOA Suite” offering, which includes analytics, orchestration, service virtualization, and connectivity to cloud as well as on-prem.”

You can read the full paper here.

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