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Oracle Developer Week San Francisco Keynote

Feb 14th,  Developer Week in San Francisco, Oracle showed some <3 for developers and coincidentally, the keynote was on Valentines day. (aww!) The interesting thing about this keynote was that it not only discussed Oracle's vision for developers, but also showed a great end-to-end demo that showcased some of that vision in action. You might say it was a "talk the talk and walk the walk" keynote & demo, which seems appropriate when you have a room full of developers.

Below, I'll try to summarize what I mean. (all images, click to enlarge)


Amit Zavery, Oracle SVP (far right) getting ready to start the keynote




Amit kicked things off right away noting the wonderful changes happening in software development. As he put it, it was a "great time to be a developer" and he meant it. The flexibility of open source technologies, fewer monolithic apps, more microservices and API-first designs, mobile of course, and exciting technologies such as AI and chatbots!


In terms of demonstrating what he mean, he set up the development of an app that would be led API First, deployed on Mobile with an Intelligent Chatbot guiding customers in making efficient purchase decision to obtain those impossible to get, Golden State Warrior tickets.



Vikas Anand, Oracle VP, Product Management - kicked off the demo discussion with the API First view of development. Vikas leads the charge with Oracle's own Integration Cloud Service, where APIs are near and dear to his heart. 






Vikas then introduced Jakub Nešetřil, founder and CEO of Apiary.io, Oracle's latest acquisition, to show off how make it easy for developers to readily design, prototype, document and test their APIs. From a developer's perspective, a great addition to their toolset in an API First world.


Jakub Nešetřil, founder and CEO of Apiary.io




The demo inevitably led to the cloud, where the flexibility in tools, languages and processes, were aided by the inherent capabilities of the Oracle Cloud, and all the built in goodies that help developers be more productive.




Oracle Cloud




And finally the demo concluded with Sri Ramanathan, Oracle GVP, Mobile - developing the intelligent chatbot interface, that took advantage of the APIs developed earlier, which enabled the chatbot to make the best ticket offers to the customers. 



Sri Ramanathan, Oracle GVP, Mobile

End of day, back to Amit Zavery who wrapped it all up with the big picture of the Oracle Cloud Platform


It was a great keynote and if you missed it, don't worry because you can get your hands on some/similar content at the global Oracle Code events that recently got underway. (March 1st, San Francisco)  They are hands on events tuned for developers, staring this month and going big across 20 cities world wide!








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  • Karl Tuesday, March 7, 2017

    What was the chatbot Sri was using? Can I try it out?

  • Carlos Tuesday, March 7, 2017

    Not yet. I can't give out specific timelines, but later this year would be a good bet.

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