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Oracle Brings Java to iOS Devices (and Android too)

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

Java developer, did you ever wish that you can take your Java skills and apply them to building applications for iOS mobile devices?

Well, now you can!

With the new Oracle ADF Mobile solution, Oracle has created a unique technology that allows developers to use the Java language and develop applications that install and run on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

The solution is based on a thin native container that installs as part of your application. The container is able to run the same application you develop unchanged on both Android and iOS devices.

One part of the container is a headless lightweight JVM based on the Java ME CDC technology. This allows the execution of Java code on your mobile device. Java is used for building business logic, accessing local SQLite encrypted database, and invoking and interacting with remote services.

Java concept on the UI too

To further help transition Java developers to mobile developers, ADF Mobile borrows familiar concepts from the world of JSF to make the UI development experience simpler.

The user interface layer of Oracle ADF Mobile is rendered with HTML5 which delivers native user experience on the devices, including animations and gesture support. Using a set of rich components, developers can create mobile pages without needing to write low level HTML5 and JavaScript code. The components cover everything from simple controls such as text fields, date pickers, buttons and links, to advanced data visualization components such as graphs, gauges and maps, and including unique mobile UI patterns such as lists, and toggle selectors. Want to see the components in action? Access this demo instance from your mobile device. Need to further customize the look and feel? You can use CSS3 to achieve this.

A controller layer - similar in functionality to the JSF controller - allows developer to simplify the way they build navigation between pages. The logic behind the pages is written in managed beans with various scopes – again similar to the JSF approach.

Need to interact with device features like camera, SMS, Contacts etc?

Oracle conveniently packaged access to these services in a set of services that you can just drag and drop into your pages as buttons and links, or code into your managed beans Java calls to activate. Underneath the covers this layer is implemented using the open source phonegap solution.

With the new Oracle ADF Mobile solution, transferring your Java skills into the Mobile world has become much easier.
Check out this development experience demo.

And then go and download JDeveloper and the ADF Mobile extension and try it out on your own.
For more on ADF Mobile, see the ADF Mobile OTN page.

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Comments ( 5 )
  • guest Sunday, March 3, 2013

    This could be game changer, There are lot of Java developer who wants to build IPhone App but don't have time, resource or zeal to learn Objective C. Allowing them to use Java, to create Android and Iphone app, not only reduce time to market but also cost effective.

  • guest Monday, October 28, 2013

    Not to mention that java is a much more reliable/universal/widely used language when compared to Objective C. Why java hasn't been on top of these devices is beyond me. Also when you consider that objective c/android are both very loosely based off of the java language.

  • guest Monday, August 18, 2014

    Come on, Oracle, just get with it and make a full JRE for Android so we can run any JAVA applets we want on phones and tablets and do things like remotely manage printservers and routers that use JAVA.

    It's just crazy that I can login to my printer from any PC (even pretty old ones) but not from my new phone or tablet - because Oracle won't do a JRE for Android.

    What good is JAVA on "billions of devices" if they're all inaccessible from Android?

  • guest Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    i cant find the download for it but it looks really cool

  • Shay Monday, November 30, 2015

    Instead of Oracle ADF Mobile get Oracle Mobile Application Framework - same concept but better functionality - http://oracle.com/maf

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