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New Oracle Digital Assistant Platform Release (19.4.1)

Srini Vinnakota
Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Digital Assistant / AI

We are excited to announce the 19.4.1 version of the Oracle Digital Assistant platform with a host of cool features and capabilities. I’d like to thank all our valued customers and partners who worked with us to deliver these innovations:

A) Q&A Intents + optimized ML model: To streamline integration of Q&A with transactional intents, 19.4.1 comes with Q&A Intents. These intents are similar to transactional intents, except that you can specify answers when you define them. These answers do not require any further dialog or YAML changes, and hence are easily configurable by business analysts. We have also updated the Trainer Tm model to ensure it can work effectively with lots of Q&A Intents — to leverage this, you simply have to enable "Optimize for Answer Intents" option for Trainer Tm model under settings.

B) DA as Agent channels:  Customers have often appreciated the breadth of channels the ODA Platform provides. Now for customers who already have an existing contact center pre-configured with Oracle Service Cloud and channels such as Live Chat, they can simply add ODA on to their contact center  with the new "DA as Agent" channel.  This is as simple as say hiring a new agent — the ODA plugs into your Service Cloud backend as a new agent, and is able to honor all the complex routing strategies that you may have implemented in Service Cloud for your contact center.

C) Service Cloud optimized insights: For business analysts, 19.4.1 comes with a streamlined view of deflection and usage-based insights. You can view popular intents through word clouds and retrain your skills with a single click. 

D) Conversation Designer Update: Thanks again for all the feedback you provided for the Conversation Designer Beta. We have now rolled most of the feedback and fixes into the Conversation Designer Update. Additionally 19.4.1 comes with entity highlighting in user queries and ODA responses within the Conversation Designer. 

Overall the 19.4.1 release improves the stability of the platform and provides significant new functionality. We strongly recommend all our existing customers to upgrade to this release. Over the next 3-4 weeks, we will reach out to you on the upgrade plan for 19.4.1. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about upgrades, please reach out to your customer success PM.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Babu Tuesday, October 29, 2019
    Hi Srini,

    Great to hear about the New ver. Thanks!! Does this new ver has support for Voice ?.Also i don't see the new ver of SDK's available for various channels. Does the Old ver of SDK's work with this ODA ver ?
  • Tim Gruidl Tuesday, November 5, 2019
    Great updates ODA Team! Especially the updates for Service Cloud - Agent as a Channel and Insights!!
    Keep it up.
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