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New Oracle Digital Assistant Platform Release (19.12) on OCI

Srini Vinnakota
Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Digital Assistant / AI

As we close out an awesome 2019, we’d like to celebrate with the launch of our 19.12 ODA Platform release. This release coincides with our full transition into being an OCI Native Service. 

A) Oracle Voice:  Oracle Voice is now generally available to all our customers and partners as a key feature within the ODA platform. With Oracle Voice, customers can use cutting-edge automatic speech recognition that is pre-built with enterprise vocabulary. Additionally, customers can do this end-to-end within the ODA Platform without having to worry about using external transcription APIs. 


B) Oracle Native SDKs: When it comes to incorporating digital assistants in various client environments, we strongly believe one size doesn’t fit all. After working with several customers to understand different usage models for ODA client SDKs, we have released the GA versions of our Oracle Web SDK and Oracle Android SDK -- both enabled with Oracle Voice. The Oracle Web SDK also features Auto Complete suggestions to better guide the users. Additionally we'll soon be releasing several derivatives of the Web SDK such as the Hybrid SDK for Cordova-based mobile development, a headless Web SDK for customers who want to create a chat UI from scratch, and a VBCS Web Component for developers who would like to embed an ODA channel within their VBCS/JET web applications.


C) Scenario validation with Test Suite: Our customers have long used the Bot Tester to verify how their Skills are performing in various scenarios. Now they can save these scenarios as test cases and validate them before making any major changes in their Skills. Each test case can be customized through UI or in JSON, and can be enhanced by passing in dynamic variables.


As we complete our transition into a full OCI Native service, we have brought in other exciting features into this native version of the platform such as enhancements to our Service Cloud DA-as-Agent channels, Q&A Intents, Optimized NLU models, etc. We hope you’re able to get the maximum value from the above capabilities in the coming months.

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  • Tim Gruidl Saturday, December 21, 2019
    Great work ODA Team - keep the innovations and updates coming!!
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