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Mobile Challenge at OpenWorld 2016



OpenWorld. Go learn. Get inspired. Network......but let's have some fun while we're doing all the above, and maybe win some cool prizes!

After watching the Pokemon Go! phenomenon (you know, that battery killing app) some of our mobile devs figured, we've got the tech & mojo, let's have a build a fun game that leverages the new Location Based Services in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, plus all built in mobile services and share a bit of fun with OpenWorld attendees....and let's get "marketing" to get a partner to give away some great prizes!...Wait, what?  :-)  

Here we go!

In terms of prizes, we've got some serious wow. Samsung's stepping up to fulfill your mobile and VR desires with mobile phones, virtual cameras and VR goggles! Booyah! You're welcome!  Yuuuuge thank you to team Samsung for stepping up.  Here's some sample images I borrowed.  It's looking pretty solid.  Want to play?





Now that I have your attention - how does this work you ask?

  • It's a game. A little bit like Pokemon Go, but no gym battles. 
  • You detect opportunities for points, but at a higher granularity, since we're using bluetooth beacons
  • You attend or visit specified sessions, partner and people to gain points.
  • Points are detected by using our new mobile app and scanning for beacons
  • Winners every day! (Mon, Tues, Wed) 
  • There's a leaderboard to track your status, places to go, people to visit, etc.
  • I'll post more details soon...

One thing - the app itself, well, it's done, but it's in the process of app store approval (Google Play, Apple AppStore)...and if you've ever published a mobile app, you know the process/time isn't linear or precise.  Fingers crossed.  Especially with the new iOS 10 release. As soon as it is public I promise I will let you know ASAP.  Watch this blog and follow our tweets.   New Update! - The sun, moon and stars have aligned we're now live on Apple AppStore and Google Play.  See this post for details.




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