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MAF 2.1.3 and OS X El Capitan and Xcode 6

Graeme Mawson
Senior Principal Product Manager

UPDATE: Jan, 2016 - This post relates to MAF 2.1.3 and MAF 2.2.0, which require Xcode 6 that is only supported on OS X Yosemite.  MAF 2.2.1 was released in December, 2015 and requires Xcode 7 that is supported on both OS X Yosemite and El Capitan.

Apple today announced that OS X El Capitan will be available on Wednesday, September 30 as a free update for Mac users.

There have been reports of incompatibility between beta releases of OS X El Capitan and Xcode, with Apple suggesting a workaround on the Apple Developer Forums here. Whilst that post makes it clear that Xcode 7 will be fully supported on OS X El Capitan, it remains unclear whether Xcode 6 will be fully supported.

MAF 2.1.3 requires Xcode 6. 

As soon as OS X El Capitan is released, the MAF development team will commence certification of MAF 2.1.3 using Xcode 6 on OS X El Capitan.  Until this certification has been completed, you may wish to remain on your current OS X release.

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Salman Wednesday, January 27, 2016


    Any news on certifying the El Capitan with JDeveloper? I bought the new MAC just for MAF but now I couldn't do anything unless we have El Capitan certified. Any news on that regards would be greatly appreciated.

  • Graeme Mawson Thursday, January 28, 2016

    Hi Salman, you can develop MAF apps using JDeveloper with the latest MAF 2.2.1 release and Xcode 7 on Mac OS X El Capitan.

  • vijay Thursday, January 28, 2016


    I too bought new Mac just for MAF development. Although, I'm able to develop things. But Jdev crashes whenever I click Preview tab on HTML or AMX pages.

    Is there solution to come soon ?

    Java Version - and (for MAF)

    Jdeveloper - 12.1.3

    Mac OS - 10.11.1 (Capitan)

    MAF -

    Xcode - 7.2



  • Graeme Mawson Thursday, January 28, 2016

    Hi Vijay, this is a known issue with El Capitan. Please refer to the MAF 2.2.1 release notes (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/maf/documentation/maf221relnotes-2780645.html) that specify the workaround of changing the default tab to 'source' for HTML pages. Unfortunately there's no workaround for AMX file preview on El Capitan. Regards, Graeme.

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