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Great Mobile and Internet Reports You Must Check Out

PSA post today for all you mobile and technology fans. I wanted to highlight a couple of excellent reports that should be on your radar. Chronologically speaking, the first being from Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowiztz (a16z.com – a16z, get it? Geek-minded would, but I’ll let you google it) as well as Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins. They are both on my radar as I consider them to be great though leaders covering mobile and Internet trends and offer insightful information supported by real-world data. I look forward to the content they publish and check it out regularly.

Benedict’s slides for "Mobile is Eating the World" are more focused on mobile and AI/bots, which explains why it’s only 77 slides long, while Mary’s slides "2017 Internet Trends" are broadly covering Internet trends, and thus 355 slides. (yeah, 355) Great content in both. Artificial intelligence is well covered in Benedict’s slides so more closely aligned with our own bots endeavors. Not sure why Meeker's deck has no references to AI. Out of scope for Internet Trends? Doesn't make sense. Anyways, good info nonetheless which is why I suggest you check out both.

You can go thru their slides yourself at the links below, but otherwise,  a couple of interesting things...


  • Nearly half the world is now connected via a smartphone.  The data from Evans vs. Meeker varies slightly, but I attribute it to the fact that Evan’s is using people over the age of 14, while Meeker is using general overall population. Still, the trend is clear, “mobile is eating the world.”
  • China is one of the key playa to watch. If you just count the number of slides dedicated to discussing China, you’ll see what I mean.  And as a related aside, check out this excellent video by the NY Times discussing how China, mobile, messaging and WeChat, are leading the way to transforming the Internet. IMHO, it's an awesome video.  I would love to be able to pull off a video of that caliber. The visuals, animation and script visually and mentally engaging.
  • Pets.com was the right, just bad timing.I listen to a lot of podcasts (you should too) and recall an interview with Marc Andreessen where I learned that chewy.com was purchased by PetSmart for more than $3B dollars.  That the big B for billion. Say what you will the dot bomb implosion back in 2000, and pets.com was the poster child for implosions, but chewy.com is basically in the same business (pet supplies over the internet) and as Marc noted, right idea, bad timing. :-\  Oh, and on podcasts, personal note, I sometimes accelerate the playback about 25% to get thru it faster, or make slow talkers bearable, but when Marc is talking, he’s one of the few where I sometimes have to slow down the playback by 25% to grok what he’s saying. Must be that big brain of his that's running a bit faster than average, and his mouth can barely keep up. :)

Here's the links to the slides from Benedict Evans and Mary Meeker.  I put them here at the end so that there would be a chance that you'd read this far. If I had put them earlier, you'd have become engrossed by their great content. Kind of like Reddit. :)

As you can see, everything is moving forward at a wiki-wiki pace. Well, almost everything. We need to get that Paris Climate Agreement back on track.  I mean seriously, when you’re swinging far right of Exxon and Conoco, you’ve got to question that decision, am I right? 

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