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Going Offline with MCS Mobile Data Offline & Sync

Chris Muir
Product Manager
Smooth running mobile apps are heavily reliant on their connection and a strong signal.  But once the connection drops, or the signal goes "one-bar" all bets are typically off.  A slick mobile user experience can quickly turn into a frustrating one.

But what if you could make your mobile apps more resilient to disconnection and poor network connectivity so your users could happily continue their task?  What if you could also speed up the applications so your mobile users experience a fast and snappy response no matter if they are offline or online?  And what if you could do this without taking months to create a solution for every single app, but use a solution that can be scaled across apps with little programmer intervention?


The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) Data Offline & Sync capabilities are designed to do just this, allow your mobile apps to cache data locally on the device for offline use and even snappy responses regardless if your app is offline or online.  And the best bit, with virtually no programming required, it's all taken care of for mobile developers (as I like to say) "automagically".
To help you explore these capabilities Oracle is happy to announce a new video playlist covering MCS data offline & sync features in detail on YouTube.  This includes a full end-to-end discussion on how it works, as well as discussing features that have become available in only recent MCS releases that you can make use of.
The overall YouTube channel of MCS videos can be found here, the specific playlist here, and then the full range of videos are as follows:
Android developers, you might notice there is no specific SDK video for you. Don't worry, it's coming, we just didn't want to hold off delivering content any longer. Check out the docs which cover Android & Data Offline & Sync in detail.
We hope you will find these videos useful, but more importantly we hope you'll be able to use the data offline & sync MCS features to build a killer app that works for your users whether they are online or offline.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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