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Free Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Training - Your Oracle Mobile Learning Advantage

Chris Muir
Product Manager
Oracle Product Management is happy to announce along side the announcement of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service yesterday, that we’re delivering free online training to get you up and running with MCS today.


The training is available on YouTube via the Oracle Mobile Platform channel along side our existing Oracle Mobile Application Framework training.  Initially two MCS playlists are available providing first an overview of MCS, and a deep dive into the MCS concept of Mobile Backends.  Thereafter we will be delivering 2 additional videos a week to keep you ticking over in learning the core MCS concepts.

The complete topics areas that will be covered:
  • MCS Overview
  • Mobile Backends
  • Platform API Overview & the MCS Mobile Client SDK
  • User Management Services API
  • Notifications API
  • Storage API
  • Data Offline API
  • Analytics API
  • Connectors
  • Custom APIs & node.js
  • Database API
  • Diagnostics & Logging
  • Lifecycle

This training takes a departure from our content of old in that it has been built from the ground up to be watched on YouTube.  Where our previous online training was adapted from face to face classes with 60min+ long discussions which stretches even the most patient attention span online, the Oracle Mobile Platform MCS episodes are built around short sharp lessons of no more than 10-15 minutes.  This makes them easily digestible at work, on the bus home or just when you have a spare couple of minutes.  

Overall 1 day after MCS is officially announced, Oracle is not only delivering a leading edge cloud solution to solve your mobile development needs, we’re delivering everything you and your team need to start learning MCS as fast as possible right now.

All available day 0 of the official product release. That’s your Oracle learning advantage.

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