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  • July 27, 2020

Democratizing Oracle Apps


According to the Merriam Webster, democratize means to “To make (something) available to all people” and that’s exactly what Oracle Digital Assistant is about – making applications more accessible all people, conversationally easy. I’ve borrowed this blog’s title from the Omdia analyst, Mark Beccue’s commentary “Oracle Digital Assistant democratizing Oracle apps” and as you will see, it’s apropos.

Historically, the internet came about commercially in the late 90s, and made the world’s information available to anyone w/ a PC. In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone and effectively put a computer in all our modern-day pockets. More recently, cheap compute power, and effectively infinite cloud storage brought about breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, and thus, the advent of sophisticated conversational AI.  Now we don’t have to navigate to a website, or download, install and figure out a mobile app; more and more commonly, we simply ask, to get what we need. To quote from the analyst’s commentary:

 “By offering full integration with its software as a service (SaaS) applications, Oracle made it exponentially easier for end users to command and control the capabilities of these applications.”

This doesn't mean that we will no longer need the full power of the web or mobile apps that SaaS apps offer. No, we’re far from that. But for the non-power or infrequent users, conversational interfaces are more approachable. And even power users can benefit from ready access and simplicity of a conversational interface.

Do most people need or want to learn a procurement system to order a new computer? Relearn the HR system’s benefits procedures to update a small change to the family’s health plan? Or become a digital marketing expert to check on the success/status of a campaign? Probably not, or at least, we can admit that having to do so creates frictions for employee productivity.

Conversational interfaces are here today. More and more, you’ll simply ask your personal digital assistant and carry on with your day. That’s the topic of the Omdia analyst commentary: “Oracle Digital Assistant democratizing Oracle apps,” and if you’re interested, I’d courage you to check it out here.  To learn more about Oracle Digital Assistant, start here.


FYI: For the latest on Oracle Digital Assistant, watch our webcast live/replay: “Innovations update for Oracle Digital Assistant, conversational-AI for 2020 and beyond” hosted by Suhas Uliyar, Vice President, Digital Assistant, Cognitive AI and Integration Cloud, Oracle and Serdar Canbek, Senior Manager, Operations reporting and Analytics, Office Depot, as they discuss the latest innovation, and real-world customer results that Oracle Digital Assistant offers.

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