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last update: Sept 14, 2016 Q. What is it? A. The Mobile Challenge app was inspired by the “Pokemon Go!” phenomenon. We quickly develop an app that would encourage OpenWorld attendees to visit specific OpenWorld sessions, partner booths and mobile experts. The app uses Bluetooth to detects if a player is near specially configured Bluetooth beacons which are placed/carried at specific sessions, booths, and people). A successful scan/detect will earn you points.  Q. Who can play? A....

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Inside the #OOW16 Session: Build Better Apps Faster for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Mobile

Build Better Apps Faster for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Mobile (CON6129) Monday, Sep 19, 12:30 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. | Moscone West - 2016 Enterprise mobility is here to stay, but many customers are still bound to their desktops due to the lack of a mobile solution. Either that, or existing mobile solutions cannot be easily extended or customized to satisfy unique and demanding business requirements, may also lack “mobile first” capabilities such as push notifications,...

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Now Available - Oracle Mobile Challenge!

Oracle Mobile Challenge Now on Google Play and Apple AppStore We are excited to announce that you can now download the Oracle Mobile Challenge app. This OpenWorld 2016 - while you’re attending sessions, visiting vendors in the exhibit hall (Moscone South) and networking with experts, you can add some fun and maybe win some great prizes. Speaking of which, Samsung has stepped up  and is giving away some great prizes! Galaxy smartphones, 360 Gear VR Cameras, and Gear VR...

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Mobile Challenge at OpenWorld 2016

    OpenWorld. Go learn. Get inspired. Network......but let's have some fun while we're doing all the above, and maybe win some cool prizes! After watching the Pokemon Go! phenomenon (you know, that battery killing app) some of our mobile devs figured, we've got the tech & mojo, let's have a build a fun game that leverages the new Location Based Services in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, plus all built in mobile services and share a bit of fun with OpenWorld attendees....and let's...

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Mobile @ #OOW16: Not Just A Conference... An Experience!

Summer’s Pokémon Go craze might be settling, but Mobile, and the immersive experiences that it brings, is still aloft, and at the center of it all!  This has been a fantastic year for the Oracle Mobile Team; we’ve created innovative, new technologies, won new, industry-leading customers, and we grew our Mobile ecosystem substantially… now we are ready to show off! Our mobile sessions and demos will highlight our new technologies, but you’ll be on Cloud 9 after you see the...

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Mobile & IoT Showcase at OpenWorld 2016

Get ready to see some mobile mojo at the Mobile and IoT Showcase (Moscone South, 109) If you've been following Oracle's mobile (r)evolution, we've been trending some impressive growth and mobile chops worth bragging about. The recent updates to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, with the addition of Oracle MAX codeless development, new Location Based Services, bringing highly granular contextual apps (Manchester Airports Group comes to mind) and helping extend existing Forms based...

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