Tuesday Winners #MobileChallenge #OOW16

Winner, winner, chicken, dinner.  You know, it's only day two and that's all I got tonight. What can I say. I did look up the origins of this saying and it has something to do with Las Vegas. At least that what it said on Quora.   Anywhoo, I started writing this blog post at 10:30 pm, thinking we've got a winner by now but it looks like a real race. I mean, Famous Work had the lead most of the day and all of a sudden, Next Territory just blew past while I was typing!  People,...

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Monday Winners

Monday winners!    First place player "Thundering Room"  He really figured out the game.      Second place, all the way from Norway, enjoying the SF weather and winning!     Third place, we didn't get a chance to video, as he stopped by later...but congratulations "Same Profit" wherever you are!   Kirk, from team Oracle that develop the Mobile Challenge app, with the Monday winners.      Today (Tuesday) the field is wide open as you can see from below.  

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Mobile Challenge Monday Winners

Wow! It has been an exciting OpenWorld Monday for the Mobile Challenge. If you've been tracking the @OracleMobile Twitter account and the #mobilechallenge hash tag, there have been some exciting lead changes throughout the day.  We do have a decisive winners with Thundering Room pulling out all stops and pulling ahead for a decisive win.   Thundering Room, you've won the Samsung phone, plus the 360 Gear VR camera, and the VR Goggles.  Second place goes to Brave Flock who gets...

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Oracle Mobile & IoT Theatre Schedule

The Mobile & IoT Theatre is located in Moscone South, #109.  This location is also where you can scan for points for the Oracle Mobile Challenge. Some of the presenters may also be experts that have point bearing beacons, so keep a sharp eye out and "scan" for active beacons within the app. Below is the latest schedule. Moscone South, #109. As you go in, go left towards the far wall, you can't miss the big sign.

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Welcome to Mobile @ #OOW16: Last Minute Resources & More!

We’re ready to show off all of the new innovations the Oracle Mobile Team has been working on for the past year, but before we do, we wanted to provide you with some last minute resources as you enjoy OpenWorld, 2016 this week: Oracle Mobile Challenge App FAQ & Tips: Download & play the Oracle Mobile Challenge on both Android and iOS during OpenWorld. Have fun while attending sessions, viewing demos, and interacting with experts. You could even win some cool prizes (Oracle...

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Winning! Mobile Challenge Tips

You know what they say, target your audience demographics & strike an emotional chord. :)  This should span a few generations.  The OpenWorld 2016 Oracle Mobile Challenge - What is it? But more importantly, how can you win? Aside from the general information provided in the previous two links, here are some hints (no cheating) that may give you the edge you need to win. In honor of David Letterman, here's the Top 10 hints to winning the Oracle Mobile Challenge: Prior to the...

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