Monday Jan 25, 2016

New York MTA, Mobile + Cloud

Given the recent weather, made me consider how important it is for critical government services to embrace modern tech like mobilizing their workforce to help them be more efficient, and provide richer data in a timely manner.  They had an Oracle Forms based environment that worked fine for the office. So what'd they do? Rewrite? Start from scratch? That could prove expensive (not with my tax dollars!)  and take longer than desired (need it now).  Any of this sound familiar? 

They worked smarter - not harder.  Instead they turned to Oracle, Samsung and Oracle partner AuraPlayer.  Together, with some clever mobile technology, and a foundation with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, they are mobilizing their systems in record time. How'd you like them apples?  You can read the whole story here at Forbes.

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Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX)

You know, I was tempted to refer to the Mad Max, Fury Road (great movie btw) but figured that today, I'm going to color within the lines. :)  

Oracle MAX.  You probably want (or are being asked) more and more of your apps to be mobile - but there's a backlog and you're stuck somewhere in the queue. :(

Meanwhile, you're tethered to your desktop/laptop or having to deal with a less than optimal mobile experience as you navigate your website on a tiny mobile screen.  

What if, for the majority of the cases (80/20 rule) you could build some straight forward apps that look great, get the job done, quickly and easily, no coding required. Simple drag and drop. Use proven designs.  Tap into preconfigured data/app sources.  Drag, drop, connect, build, deploy and done.  What wizardry is this you say?   I'm glad you asked. 

Checkout the Oracle MAX webinar, hosted by Oracle's own Denis Tyrell, and see for yourself. 

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MAF MCS Utility Patch for MAF 2.2.1

MAF MCS Utility is a library and public sample that simplifies integration of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) in Oracle MAF applications. The MAF MCS Utility library and its sample application are shipped as part of the Oracle MAF public samples, located in the file, along with all the other MAF samples.

Sometimes things happen as they do! Unfortunately, when shipping Oracle MAF 2.2.1, the MAF MCS Utility provided with the release was broken. The effect of the defect is that you are getting re-routed to the login screen, or if you got around this problem, Storage and UserInfo don't work properly in the sample application. Using the MAF MCS Utility JAR file in a custom application may fail for Storage uploads in the response sent back from MCS.  

A fixed for MAF MCS Utility (maf-mcs-utility 2.2.1) will be shipped within the next version of Oracle MAF. However, no need to wait. For Oracle MCS and Oracle MAF customers to get the patch to the MAF MCS Utility now, the Oracle Mobile team made the MAF MCS Utility version 2.2.1 available for download online.

Please use the link below to download both in one: the MAF MCS Utility library (a JAR file) and the MAF MCS Utility sample application, which is a generic MCS tester that can be configured to run against any public Oracle MCS instance. 

Download Link: maf-mcs-utility 2.2.1

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

Getting ready for 2016: Learn Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

As we approach the end of a year and the start of a new one, it's a good time to start considering new challenges and opportunities. We'd like to suggest Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) is a good choice to investigate in 2016 as the enterprise world increasingly adopts mobile solutions.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service has a simple premise, to accelerate enterprise mobile development by simplifying common mobile development tasks like integration, push notifications, user management, data offline synchronization and more, regardless if you're working with Android, iOS, Oracle Mobile Application Framework and other mobile platforms. Personally having spoken about MCS to many clients since the introduction of MCS mid 2015, there is a certain point in every discussion around their mobile plans where they don't first understand the worth of MCS as they learn the platform, but then there's a near audible "click", and all the ideas thereafter can't imagine a solution without MCS.

To help you with your 2016 goals Oracle have published a free YouTube training channel on Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. And we think you'll find this set of videos special, as it was specifically designed to be easily digestible. Rather than the 1hr+ slog many other technical videos follow, this channel uses videos typically around 10minutes in length so you can fit them in while catching the bus, squeezing some time in between meetings, or just sitting there trying to digest your Christmas lunch!

The overall channel can be found here, but, it is also broken into several playlists so you can watch videos relating to specific topic areas you are interested in:

Alternatively if you want to just look at the "big picture" and skip the details, or are only interested in MCS from an Android and iOS perspective, we've also created playlists that gather just the pertinent videos for you:

Oh and of course if you're interested in picking up Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) we have an array of videos ready for you too:

Overall once the New Year rolls in, Oracle has you covered in helping you learn these new products in 2016.

Monday Dec 14, 2015

Estapar Makes Parking Easy with Oracle Mobile

Going to Latin America? Looking for parking as you're checking out the attractions? You can use Estapar's new mobile app (Escaper is the largest parking company in Latin America) to find a great parking space. They built and deployed their mobile solution in a few months using Oracle MAF and their next step is to further expand their mobile strategy with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. Check out the video below.

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Monday Nov 30, 2015

Gartner: Mobile Trends and Insights

Enterprise Mobile Trends and Insights Featuring Gartner
Mobile has quickly become a ubiquitous part of our everyday life. Today we expect the convenience and ease of use capabilities achieved from mobile devices to permeate into the workplace. How should enterprises embrace mobile technology as they embark on their mobile journey? What impacts will Cloud and Internet of Things have on Mobile? Get these answers and much more from Gartner Research Director, Richard Marshall in this short webcast.   (registration required) 

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