Saturday Jun 04, 2016

Showcase your innovation in Building Better Mobile Apps Faster - Nominate now for the 2016 Oracle Cloud Mobile Excellence Award

To all Innovators showcasing Enterprise Mobility excellence:

As you may have already heard,  Nomination for Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation Award is open, and deadline is June 30th, 2016.  There is a dedicated track for mobile this year.  The criteria is any customer in production, implementation or who has a use case defined for implementation of a Mobile Cloud Service enabled mobile application.

The winning customers and/or partners will get a free pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco, and take part in the Awards Ceremony. Plus, of course this is a great way to generate more references.

The nomination process this year is online - the link to the Cloud Platform nominations is here, then select the Mobile category link.  Required information for submission is quite extensive, as we would like to understand details of your innovation in enterprise mobility.   It will take more than a couple of minutes to prep and submit, so definitely don't wait until the last minute!

Nominations can be made by Oracle customers, partners (for a customer use case), and Oracle employees on behalf of a customer. Winners will be selected on the uniqueness of the business case, business benefits, level of impact relative to the size of the organization, complexity and magnitude of implementation, and the originality of their architecture.  

For more information, please email or

Oracle Mobile Cloud Product Management Team 

Wednesday Jun 01, 2016

Location Location Location

Location based services are one of those features which elevates mobile apps into a completely different, almost stratospheric level when compared to the humble desktop application.  In this LinkedIn article I talk about the opportunities presented by location based services  - which is coincidentally supported in Oracle MCS!

Friday May 27, 2016

A new mobile app for free! - the ultimate free lunch

Great offer from Oracle partners Auraplayer and Sofbang.  They are willing to take business logic from your existing Oracle Forms business, and they will build a NEW mobile application which encompasses that functionality....and they will do it for FREE!

You don't get a better offer than that.  A low risk approach to adopting mobile (they won't touch a single line of your existing code), and someone else builds the mobile application for you. Click on the link to find out more.  What do you have to lose!

Monday May 23, 2016

IFC Group & Oracle MCS Make Life Easy For Sales Reps

Last week we showed you how Manchester Airports Group is using Oracle MCS to better engage with, and promote to, its customers.  Today, we have another example of how a company with a large, mobile user base has adopted Oracle MCS to provide relevant, real-time, information and services to its target audience: its own sales force!

IFC Group (Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria) is one of Spain's leading skin care product developers and distributors.  With a large, constantly traveling, sales force, and with a small IT department, IFC historically has asked its sales reps to enter sales & procurement data into the company's systems after each pharmacy pickup, which was something that reps could not do until they returned to their offices.  Even then, the entry process took hours!  This method was extremely inefficient and reduced time in the field. 

When sales teams asked for a more flexible mobile solution that would increase efficiency and decrease frustration, IFC didn't have the time or the IT resources to build an entirely new system.  However, the company realized that it needed to create an attractive solution where reps could enter data in real-time from remote locations, as well as a solution that gave reps access to on-demand CRM and BI tools that were critical in the sales process.  A current Oracle customer, IFC added Oracle MCS to its product suite, and was able to use and convert its existing APIs, without changing any code, into mobile APIs.  What did that mean?  Through Oracle MCS, IFC was able to deliver exactly what its sales teams had asked for, and made their work much easier, without replacing the company's entire IT infrastructure!  To learn exactly how IFC accomplished this, read the full article HERE.

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Thursday May 19, 2016

Free Mobile Training to Awake the Sleeping Giant - August 2016

For those of you who are embarking on mobile development initiatives, the Oracle Partner Community is running a fantastic week of mobile training in Portugal starting on the 29th August. For this event, Frank Nimphius and Mireille Duroussaud will be leading a mobile hands on workshop that focuses on integrating existing backend systems through Oracle MCS and exposing them through Oracle Mobile Accelerator (MAX).

What makes this event particularly interesting is the fact that these back end systems could include Oracle Forms. As many of you might know, Oracle Forms is the technology that underpins 10s of thousands of businesses and at one time was THE tool for building Oracle systems. The potential for exposing this "sleeping giant" to mobile consumers is huge and this is your chance to get trained by Oracle's mobile experts. Registrations are open now!

Who should attend. You should attend if you are an Oracle Forms customer or if you are busy with Oracle Forms project and look for the next big thing. If Forms to REST is not your primary interest, then still you should attend because learning about Oracle MAX and Oracle MCS becomes a key skill requirement for all Oracle customers and partners. 

Register now!

Monday May 16, 2016

The rise of the mobile citizen developer & Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator

With the introduction of new mobile products & features we thought we'd take the opportunity to revive last year's mobile Q&A LinkedIn article series to interview the key staff behind the new offerings.  These articles are designed to give you a unique insight into the product by talking to the experts who actually built the product, as different from the documentation and marketing.

In the latest interview on LinkedIn we invited Denis Tyrell and Liza Broadbent, the product manager and user experience leads respectively, to talk about their new baby Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX).  

If you've not yet heard, Oracle MAX is Oracle's mobile development product aimed not at developers, but what Gartner coins citizen developers.  It's an exciting inclusion in the latest release of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) as it follows the trend of allowing computer-savvy enterprise staff to build their own iOS & Android apps with no coding skills what so ever.

I hope you'll take the chance to read the interview, to learn from the proverbial horses mouth so to speak, about why they built the tool, what challenges did they face, what makes them proud.


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