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8 Minute Apps (Easier Than 8 Minute Abs!)

Dan Brooks
Product Marketing Manager, AI, Bots & Mobile

Building mobile apps can be as challenging as using a certain 1990s cult workout routine in order to get into shape... that is to say, it can be pretty difficult!  IT departments often will be tasked with building and maintaining complex mobile applications, and therefore, other types of apps sometimes are de-prioritized. While widely used consumer-facing apps and upgrades/maintenance to back end infrastructure supporting those apps always will be a priority, simple apps serving useful but specific purposes for employees, or niche uses for consumers, sometimes can be overlooked. Yet for marketers, sales personnel, service reps, and others who need simple mobile solutions for their everyday business needs, this can be a problem.

What are business users to do? Should they wait patiently as their mobile programmers address other technical issues before focusing on line-of-business needs? Should they outsource their mobile projects to third party developers, or to agencies, (potentially) speeding up development time, while increasing costs? Or is there an easy and quick way to develop, in-house, the apps that business users require to make their jobs more efficient?

In the September-October issue of Oracle Magazine, Oracle Senior Product Manager Chris Muir answers this question and explains how the Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX), as part of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), can help business users to build, test, and deploy simple mobile apps... in under eight minutes!

While we've previously discussed Oracle MAX, this is the first time that we've offered a tutorial of MAX on this blog with the business user in mind. In the article, Chris breaks down using the tool and building an app into five steps:


  1. Access Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (request a free trial here.)
  2. Once you have access, create two team member accounts in your Oracle Cloud domain "My Services" console. One of these accounts should be your "business developer/user," who will access Oracle MAX, and the other will be your "services developer," who will access Oracle MCS.
  3. Have your "services developer" build/complete and import any APIs into Oracle MCS that you wish to use in your app.  You'll need these APIs in order to access any data that you want to use within your app. In the article, Chris gives you a sample REST API that you can import and use to build a sample app. If you don't know how to import an API into Oracle MCS, no problem! Chris will show you how in a tutorial video embedded within the article. 
  4. Watch and follow a second video link in the article that describes, step by step, how to build an app using Oracle MAX.
  5. Preview and test the app you just built following the instructions in the article's third video.
While it's likely that you won't use Oracle MAX to create the next Snapchat or Angry Birds, you very well might use it to create mobile company address books or internal reporting & analytics dashboards. To read the full article and learn how you can build a mobile app in under eight minutes (or as Chris times it out, in six minutes, twenty-five seconds), click here. And don't forget to follow us @OracleMobile and to join the conversation on LinkedIn.




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