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7 Sessions (and 2 Demos) You Need to See at Oracle OpenWorld Middle East

Dan Brooks
Product Marketing Manager, AI, Bots & Mobile

Traveling to Dubai next week for Oracle OpenWorld - Middle East, or just happen to be passing through on Monday, February 11th and Tuesday, February 12th?  Curious about how Oracle is innovating for the enterprise with artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces?  Here are six sessions and two demos at next week's conference that should be on your list:



Oracle Cloud: The Next Big Things

February 11th @ 9:30-10:05, Arena 1 (Level 1), Dubai World Trade Centre

Learn about the cutting-edge solutions that will accelerate your business. From Machine learning to speech-based analytics, trust fabric, automated application development (leveraging AR and VR), to digital assistants. Experience transformational cloud platform and application solutions that will enhance productivity, lower costs, and accelerate innovation across the enterprise.


Building Next-Gen Cloud Apps with Chatbots, Embedded Intelligence, and Blockchain

February 11th @ 9:30am-10:45am, Arena 2 (Level 1), Dubai World Trade Centre

The cloud is fundamentally changing how enterprise applications are being built today. Developers are leveraging new services and capabilities up and down the stack to more quickly deliver innovation and provide greater ease of use, management, and integration, while also providing deeper intelligence through these applications. In this session see how digital assistants, AI and ML, and blockchain based cloud infrastructure are enabling these next generations of cloud native apps to be built on Oracle Cloud Platform.


Beyond the Screen: From Chatbots to Your Own Digital Assistant

February 11th @ 10:15-10:50, Arena 4 (Level 1), Dubai World Trade Centre

In the past two years, AI technologies have transformed the way we interact with systems and devices across channels. Chatbots have become widely adopted, and Oracle has evolved them into digital assistants that can complete complex user tasks. A digital assistant is able to leverage AI to make recommendations, possess many skills, initiate conversations, and use cognitive services to provide an ambient human experience. In this session see how Oracle Digital Assistant can transform enterprises with next-generation conversational AI technologies.


Lessons From Deploying Digital Assistants & Chatbots

February 11th @ 10:15-10:50, Forum 6 (The Exchange, Level 1), Dubai World Trade Centre

Join Oracle's Ian Wallis and Asser Smidt from Botsupply to hear about Oracle’s real customer experiences in deploying chatbots and digital assistants in the market. These practical lessons will span scope, language, training, supervision and many more topics.


10 Keys to Successful Digital Assistant and Chatbot Implementation for the Enterprise

February 11th @ 10:55, Arena 5, Dubai World Trade Centre

Chatbots and Digital Assistants are a hot and emerging technology where best practices are still evolving. How will real users interact with a Chatbot? How to identify the top use cases to being your Chatbot journey? How to extract bots conversational design from LOB stakeholders who may never have interacted with Chatbots before? In this session, we will outline keys to a successful Chatbot implementation - how to identify Chatbot use cases, design top-notch conversational flows, target bots functionality for your key users, integrate with back-end system and data sources, and most importantly, pick the right Chatbot platform. Come to this session and hear us sharing the secrets to successful Chatbot implementations and how you can reap real business benefits.


From Zero to Chatbot to Digital Assistant in Under Two Hours

February 11th @ 15:15-17:15, Arena 9 (Level 1), Dubai World Trade Centre

Chatbots are one of the first widespread uses of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. As chatbots have evolved in enterprise use, so has the emergence of Digital Assistants. In this hands-on-lab (*your own laptop is required*,) you will get your hands dirty with this new technology. You will first “educate” your Digital Assistant with a rich set of available application skills from Oracle, without writing any code. You will then develop and train a new skill defining intents, utterances, and entities. You will then design the conversation flow, connect the skill to a back-end API, and enhance it with QnA functionality. Finally, you will add the new skill to your Digital Assistant and publish it to a chat client.


Enabling Effortless Interactions - How Chatbots and Voice Assistants Change CX Forever

February 12th @ 10:15-10:50, Arena 2 (Level 1), Dubai World Trade Centre

Join this expert panel session to understand how conversational approaches and innovation around how these interactions can be successfully applied and adopted as part of CX. We will discuss how digital interactions have evolved, why effortless interactions even matter in today’s customer-empowered era, and use cases of human-centric interactions.



Digital Assistants

February 11th - February 12th, The Exchange, Dubai World Trade Centre

Enabled by artificial intelligence, today's chatbots and virtual assistants are supercharging productivity for sales and service professionals, whether in the office, the contact center, or on the go. Come see how these smart Oracle solutions can work in your business to save precious selling time, reduce inbound service inquiries, and improve the customer service. We'll demonstrate, Virtual Assistant for Service Cloud, and Sales Virtual Assistant, as well as tell you about our platform that lets you develop custom chatbots. Learn about our chatbot integrations with Facebook Messenger and WeChat too.


Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud: Next-Generation Conversational AI for Enterprises

February 11th - February 12th, The Exchange, Dubai World Trade Centre

Chatbots technology has evolved rapidly during the past two years. When it comes to enterprise requirements, the current chatbot falls short, however. Users now demand bot-initiated conversations, richly interactive conversational interfaces, deep analytics/insights, and the ability to access multiple chatbots from a single interface. Come to this demo to see how Oracle is pushing conversational AI to next-generation digital assistants that overcome chatbots’ shortcomings. You’ll also get an introduction to Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud.


If you can't make it to Dubai next week, you also can learn more about Oracle Digital Assistant, and we'll be hosting additional Cloud Days and OpenWorld events throughout 2019 so come and see what the buzz is all about.

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