Securely connecting to other apps and services from Mobile Cloud Service

CSF Keys in MCS I recently had a customer ask me about creating a connector from Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) to Oracle Financials in the cloud. Creating a connector to Oracle Financials is a quick process and involves the creation of a CSF key. What is a CSF Key? CSF stand for Credential Store Framework. This framework, built into MCS, allows you to create and store multiple credentials for use by MCS. In this case, we want to store a basic authorization credential in MCS so MCS...

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Oracle MAF 2.4.1 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.1 of Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF).   This is a minor release containing the following enhancements: Xcode 8.3 support, including a new 'Method' field in iOS Platform preferences that must be set appropriately Support for Cordova plugins that spawn a native UI on the Windows platform Android multidex support for apps that have grown too large A companion tool for app performance analysis Note that Xcode 8.3.x is...

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Great Mobile and Internet Reports You Must Check Out

PSA post today for all you mobile and technology fans. I wanted to highlight a couple of excellent reports that should be on your radar. Chronologically speaking, the first being from Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowiztz ( – a16z, get it? Geek-minded would, but I’ll let you google it) as well as Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins. They are both on my radar as I consider them to be great though leaders covering mobile and Internet trends and offer insightful information...

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Oracle JET Command Line Interface

If you’ve ever struggled to remember the syntax of the Oracle JET tooling commands, help is at hand!   The Oracle JET command line tooling has been significantly enhanced with the release of the ojet-cli module that provides a consistent, easy-to-use command line interface (CLI) for scaffolding, building, serving and managing JET apps.  This CLI has been released together with JET 3.1.0, but is not yet documented in the JET documentation while we ask you to install it, use it...

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Oracle JET 3.1.0 released

We are proud to announce the 15th on-schedule release of Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET). JET v3.1.0 is a minor release and is primarily a bug fix release, however there are new features related to ojDiagram, ojDialog, ojCheckboxset, ojRadioset and BusyContext. Please read the Release Notes for this release to see all aspects about the release that may be relevant for updates and new development. This release does not contain any library version or API changes per our...

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From Mobile to Chatbots - Bringing AI to the Enterprise

Mobile continues to eat the world and it appears that we're only halfway there. As @BenedictEvans recently pointed out, we're halfway to connecting everyone on the planet with a smartphone! Work in the fact that compute power is getting cheap and accessible, and the recent gains in machine learning (ML), and you you know we're in for some fascinating times ahead of us.  So what's Oracle been working on? I'm glad you asked! Tuesday, May 30th, 10AM Pacific, please join ...

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