Oracle Mix: The next 100 days

As I'm sure you know by now, we're back from Oracle OpenWorld 2009 and are now focusing our attention on Mix yet once again.

Over the coming 100 days, we'd like to give Mix a major push. This includes (but probably won't be limited to) the following:

  • Rolling out several ready-to-go features which we didn't get a chance to deploy in time for OpenWorld

  • Implementing a few important infrastructure changes (we'll talk about those in more detail later)

  • Cleaning up our backlog of bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Revamping our feedback management process

  • Updating the Mix roadmap as we head into 2010 (and get started on implementing the first few iterations)

Especially with regard to this last piece, we'd like ask for your help. Following our efforts earlier this year to solicit input from our key group admins, we want you to tell us where you want us to take Mix in the next year.

When Mix launched in 2007, it didn't come fully baked. It was a prototype of something potentially much bigger, but the feature set we've managed to implement since then is still lacking behind what most people expect from a social network today (Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing being prominent sites Mix is commonly being compared to).

So with that, why don't you tell us where you want Mix to be headed? What's your biggest gripe? Where do you see the most promising usecases? We'll figure out a way to capture and organize this feedback in a more structure way, but for now please go ahead an leave us a comment here. If you've already made a feature request or posted an idea for improvement on Mix, please make sure you link to it so people can follow up.

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!


Since we are already quite involved into so many other communities in social media, getting hevily involved with yet another one is taking more and more time. Oracle Mix is one of the communities I want to be active much more as it represents very targeted audience. It would be much easier to leverage my other social media contributions if I could setup automated integration with other social media services - syndicate blogs, replicate twitter updates, youtube channel, facebook wall/updates, facebook/flickr/picasaweb photos, LinkedIn updates & events, events and etc.

Posted by Alex Gorbachev on November 12, 2009 at 05:44 AM PST #

I would suggest to not overload the Mix with functionality but keep it simple and effective. I notice an explosion of social media feeds (and it's just the beginning, cf Wave). From RSS feeds I switched to Reader in order to consolidate and integrate. With Twitter I have just switched to twitterdeck to consolidate all that flow with other media feeds. Think how painful it may get in a year...

Posted by Alexis Gil on November 12, 2009 at 05:57 AM PST #

@Alexis Besides keeping it simple, is there anything missing right now that would make Mix more valuable to you or people you know? It seems part of what you're saying is make it super easy to follow what's happening on Mix. Is that correct? Thanks!

Posted by Tim on November 12, 2009 at 06:11 AM PST #

@Tim I think most people will use Mix in 2 ways: a) as a source of feeds. RSS, tweets or otheres which do not necessarily need a web interface such as the portal. One should be able to choose the channels and filter them if necessary. b) as a portal with browsable content where one could search the content in the past and eventually search for specific groups of interest. The OTN forums are already widely known in the community. The Mix groups look more like richer media feeds. I like these because of the chats also: that is interesting (I knew the #irc era). The way someone will find Mix most useful will depend on the time. When on the run one can just randomly look at some filtered feeds. When having more time or a need to get in touch with a specific targeted topic or people, one can really get into the site. A couple of ideas: - Interactive webcasts with the possibility to ask questions on a chat channel (not sure possible now). - Real-time geo-localisation subscription on the conferences. I heard many people missed each other on OOW09 :-) - A way to drop a question and get it sent to a specific group of people who may have an answer, quic (near real-time). Could be done with some on-line tweeter tag filtering and RT to groups. The kind of question one can answer in seconds "yeah, I saw a post about that on X or Y, get a look".

Posted by Alexis Gil on November 12, 2009 at 07:06 AM PST #

I'd like to see a more integrated user experience for rich media, collaboration, and user value add - web based. Think Google Wave. I can't keep switching UIs...

Posted by ultan on November 12, 2009 at 07:27 AM PST #

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