Just in time for OpenWorld 2009: A social schedule builder (alpha)

Today, we'd like to invite you to try out a new feature on Mix we've been working on over the past couple of months. It's an idea we've been wanting to implement for quite some time but didn't have the resources to do so.

The social session builder combines schedule information from events (in this case, Oracle OpenWorld 2009) with the social network on Mix. It allows you to easily build your own personal schedule but also to see who in your network is attending the same sessions.

We weren't able to put this feature on our roadmap for Mix this year. Instead, we worked with a third party to mock up the experience so that we can at least gather valuable feedback for next year. If it turns out that this is functionality is something that Mix members want to see we will try to secure the resources and funding to make it happen.

Please note that while the third-party application is very solid, we're still working out some kinks on the SSO integration piece. One requirement (for us as well as the security review team) was for this to rely on Oracle SSO. That means Mix users can use the third-party application without additional signup or login steps. We finally got it figured out; however, due to the history of how Mix was set up and how we handle our own Mix profiles, there's a slight chance that some users won't have access to the social schedule builder application. If you're one of the unfortunate ones, please contact us and we'll try to find a work-around.

Please log into Mix and you'll find a new header navigation item "OpenWorld Schedule (alpha)" which will take you directly to the schedule builder app.

Here's what we'd like you to do:

  • Give it a try!

  • Let us know any problems

  • Let us know if you find the new feature useful

  • Tell your friends

It's important to note that as a prototype, this application is not integrated with our official schedule builder application yet. While we pull in all the publicly available schedule information from there, it won't reflect any updates you make on our app. So for any sessions or events that require "first come, first serve" registration, please make sure to also go to the official schedule builder (though we assume that at this point most people will already have done so).

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Chris and Mike at The Social Collective and to the people on our SSO team who steered us through this integration. It took quite a bit of effort to get this piece up and running, and we hope you all like it.

Mike has posted his thoughts here: Procrastinators Rejoice: OpenWorld's Social Schedule Builder is Live!

And with that: enjoy, and have a fun Oracle OpenWorld 2009!


Hello Tim, OpenWorld attendees may find it easier to plan their visit by importing the session agendas into their calendars. We have kept the calendar files at http://www.poseeq.com/conf.html Thank you. Ken. www.poseeq.com.

Posted by Ken Sampat on October 10, 2009 at 05:18 AM PDT #

Very cool application! Seems a minor bug (or issue with my laptop) that once I check a box to add a session to the schedule builder, sometimes it is getting added and sometimes it's not. There seems to be no 'Save' button but somehow the sessions get magically added! Anyway, very useful to have a personal schedule over the next 5 days. Enjoy the conference!

Posted by Mohan Dutt on October 10, 2009 at 09:21 PM PDT #

Looks like there might be an issue with time zones... at least with the ics file. My laptop is still on Eastern time and it's showing the sessions I selected at the wrong times. Changing my time zone from Eastern to Pacific didn't fix it. Anyone else seeing the same?

Posted by Chris on October 12, 2009 at 12:12 AM PDT #

You say "just in time", but it wasn't in time for me - by the time you posted this, I was on my way to San Francisco. By the time I read it, I was already home.

Posted by John Flack on October 16, 2009 at 12:10 AM PDT #

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